Ouyang is close behind us,Although holding a punch. Machine gun,But the bullet inside is out,He just bluffed and pulled the trigger,Boss with an open mouth,Tears keep streaming on my face,It’s so ugly when old people cry。

Although in the fierce fight,The old man didn’t give up his pleading for Zhang Sha:”Salsa,You are so cruel,Although Ouyang is older,But i treat you wholeheartedly,Do you have a good conscience for me like this??You want to kill us all, right??You don’t want your friends to know you like me?“
I didn’t expect the old man to start talking nonsense again,But i like him like this,He talks nonsense every time he is in danger,The strange thing is that his indiscretions sometimes work,This can only be said to be his luck!
Just like this for a long time,Zhang Sha actually spoke again in the fierce knife sound:”Uncle Ouyang, don’t be too naive, okay?How could you and I be lovers?I’m too old for you to be my father,Still want to be my lover?“
Chapter One Hundred Forty Eight Aftermath
Lu Xiong shouted:”You heard the girl clearly!We don’t care about you and Ouyang,Call these messy people away!We didn’t come to this island to play with you!“
Zhang Sha’s voice is full of contempt:”Is it?You think i don’t know your purpose?You tried your best to come to this island,It’s nothing more than fruit and treasure!Hum,And said that I was so innocent,You guys act with me?I will play with you?please,You harass me, OK??You are looking for this result today!“
Zhang Sha said nothing again,Ouyang started to cry again:”Salsa,I know you are not alone!There must be other people around you!I tell you the truth,Sa Sa is not as loyal as you think!She has told me the locations of all your bases on the island,You killed me,If i escape this island,I must advertise your affairs everywhere,I want to map the location of your base,Let more people come to the island!“
I dodge the slash of the ninja,I was confused by Ouyang’s words,I don’t know if what he said is true or not,But according to his usual urine,He must be confused by nonsense,This is already his old trick!
Zhang Sha’s voice sounded again,She was so excited this time:”Ouyang, you’re endless?Do you want to die hurry up?OK!I am satisfied with you!“
Finished saying this,Suddenly a low horn sounded,The sound just stopped,There was a large hissing sound from the forest ahead,The howls that sounded everywhere came like a tsunami,The loud sound made us dizzy,Those ninjas retreat quickly,Then swish all the smoke bombs,A burst of smoke filled,They disappear again without a trace!
We are nervous,Don’t know what is going to happen,Lu Xiong angrily:”Ouyang,You are in trouble now!“
The creepy scene appeared!More than a dozen white giant monkeys emerged from the forest in front!Their red eyes look like hell demons!

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