“Xiaoxi,I haven’t seen you eat these recently!”

“Too hard,Bad for teeth!From now on it will become the same tooth as grandma,What should I do!“It seems that grandma’s teeth are bad,It’s all gone long ago。
Speaking of grandpa,I remember grandpa,Have old cold legs!Listen to my dad,There was nothing to eat in those years,Bare legs in the big winter,Dig lotus root to eat,Broke the leg,Later that leg was not good!
“Too exaggerated!You see my teeth are not good!“
“correct!I’m going for a dental treatment!“
“Xiaoxi,Your teeth are not good!“
“not good,Teeth crooked,All crowded together,Although very cute,But it will affect it at all,The use of teeth has decreased,I’m going to unplug one,Let them all unfold!“
“You just toss!“
Chapter Thirty Seven Yumi Township
“I toss,I think Xiaocheng’s tooth needs to be trimmed。“
“who said it,Be prank!Very good,My son is handsome!”Talking,And rubbed both hands on his face。
”Then you wait!It’s seventeen eighty,It will cost double the money!If your son is going,You can’t stop it。“
My brother had his teeth trimmed at the age of eighteen in his last life,Others spend more than two thousand,He spent more than five thousand,My mother for this,Nagging for years!

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