”that,Why did grandpa divorce sister-in-law and uncle?!“

”Why detour up again?Our current marriage law!Is monogamous,If one of the couple cheated,Have substantial problems,Can take the other person out of the house!“
“What is the purification!“
“Xiao Sheng,You know too little extracurricular knowledge!I asked the books I sent to read more,and also,Do you want to read legal books?All of these legally known,I have someone send me some legal books for you to make up for!It’s okay to read more books!The explanation in the book is much clearer than what I said!。“
“I don’t see you reading,How do you know so much!“
“I watched,When you didn’t see it!“Last life,Reading is to supplement oneself,It’s to make yourself more knowledgeable,I don’t want my child to ask his mother about it,I do not know anything!and so,Just watch and watch!Read a lot of books!
In order to polish my free character,Go write calligraphy,Grow flowers,writing a novel!Because of writing,Fell in love with poetry,Because of writing novels,Read a lot of information,So read a lot of books!I really found that the book is more fascinating the more I read it。
“Are you talking about reading comics?“
“Comics are also books!Of course more!“
“When did you like to read novels?“
“The book i read!Maybe the biggest bookstore in Wanling can’t make it together。In addition to learning materials,Novel comics!Most of the books I read are ancient books,Shan Hai Jing,Zi Zhi Tong Jian,Yongle Festival!Many more!correct!I also learned fortune-telling when I read the Book of Changes!“
“what!!!sister,Can still learn fortune-telling?“
“Ok,Yes!It’s in the book!I also want to see!“
“can,I’ll get it for you when I have time!“
“Is there a bookstore??“
“Yes yes yes,but,Not all,Is a cut version。”
“Let’s go to Beijing this time,Buy some back,By the way, you must ensure your academic performance!“

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