Lu Xiong gets excited:“Yes indeed!There is indeed a treasure!But the treasure is left by my master,Nothing to do with Wang Jun,It has nothing to do with your patron saint!”

The old ghost quickly explained with a smile:“This is Master Lu, right?Don’t get excited,Listen to me first,The treasure must be yours,This thing is true,But I have an idea, please listen to it first,The treasure burial point is not far from the hidden area,Could it be that the place is on the border between the Xia Yin Zone and our Guardian Zone,Once known by those guys in the hidden zone,They will trouble you!Lord Lu may not know,That boundary is considered a disputed area,Currently a gray area,Once there is no protection from our patron saint,Your safety in that area is also a problem,And those guys in Xia Yin District are extremely powerful,If they fancy the treasures,I guess you can’t use them。”
I rub!There is actually a hidden area!Who are those guys?Is it really an ancient master of kung fu?Another problem is,How did the old turtle know that the treasure is located at the junction of the two districts?
Lu Xiong is even more excited,He rushed over and grabbed Laogui’s shirt:“How many treasures do you know?Did Wang Jun tell you?How does he know the location of the treasure??”
Although the old turtle was caught,But he doesn’t look flustered at all,Smiled:“Lord Lu, put me down first!Don’t be angry,Although I have not been able to use the power of the sacred tree during this period,But I secretly moved my hands and feet in your meal,So when you were unconscious, you got some key clues,do not worry,All these things are kept in the dark,He waited eagerly for me to use the sacred tree to hypnotize you。”
I didn’t expect this old guy to be so treacherous!I want to see what he thinks。
Lu Xiong is short of breath and trembles all over,But he still controlled himself to put the old turtle down:“You make things clear!If you dare to hide,Lao Tzu will find you to settle accounts!”
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Two Stubborn Tao Tao
Old turtle said,Wang Jun promised him,As long as Laogui cooperates with him to implement the plan,Half of the treasure will be given to the old turtle,And he will transfer the treasure to the outside world,Personally hand those treasures to the old turtle queen。
Laogui believed Wang Jun’s bewitching,Decided to implement the king plan,It happened that day when we found the holy fruit on the river beach near Japan, it alarmed the patrons,They sent out spies to monitor our conversation,Know that we are going to go deep into Japan’s restricted zone,So the old tortoise reported to the elders in a jealous manner,Said I was taken into the restricted area by the Japanese to reform。
The elder was furious at hearing,It is believed that the Japanese broke the regional double ban agreement set by the gods,And they took away the demigod and transformed,It is tantamount to an offense to the patron saint and trampling on regional rules!
So the elders led the team to rush into the Japanese restricted area,Then there was a conflict between the Patron God and Grandpa Su Mei’s team.,I didn’t expect me to appear on the battlefield,So the two sides stopped fighting,after negotiation,Then Wang Jun appeared and took me away,Then things became like this。
Actually Laogui doesn’t believe in the king,So he administers Lu Xiong privately,Ask when he loses consciousness,Got some treasure information,Then I believe what Wang Jun said is true,Wang Jun obviously didn’t know that he played this hand,Still silly waiting for him to use the sacred tree to hypnotize Lu Xiong to tell the treasure。
The plan was going well,As long as I follow the king’s transformation conspiracy,,The old turtle will use the elders to kill Wang Jun。
In fact, elders have this ability,Because the sacred tree has accumulated a batch of demigods waiting to be transformed and upgraded,Although they have different abilities,But concentration is also a huge force,It’s okay to get Wang Jun。

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