Chat room,The old store manager has already measured Tang Ze’s size,Then brought a pile of fabric,For Ayako and Tangze to choose the fabrics and colors used to make the suits。

Under Ayako’s recommendation,Tang Ze chose a black,I chose another black and gray,All fabrics are made with low-speed looms,Feels very good。
Although handmade custom suits are a bit expensive,But for Tang Ze“System copying”For those who raise him,This little money is nothing,Especially if you pay the royalties, you can get soft。
It will take some time to wait for the handsome suit to be finished,And Tang Ze is waiting for the idle time before the second phase of the main line,Has started his plan。
There are small main lines related to these rare cases,Tang Ze still remembers very clearly。
After all, in this plot,It’s basically the progress of the relationship line,As“New Lan Party”When Tang Ze reviewed the plot,I won’t miss it。
With the help of disguise skills and voice change,Tang Ze disguised,And then spent money to find a large detective agency,Investigated the Mihua General Hospital,The guy who is about to be killed at the school festival。
Although he can’t remember the name of the dead man,But some information about the other party,Tang Ze still remembers very clearly。
For example, this guy is an alumnus from Didan High School,wear glasses,These are all intelligence that can be narrowed down。
And the more important information is,He and the dean’s daughter once had a marriage contract,But she was retired by this daughter who went to Didan High School。
So many conditions,If you can’t lock this person,Basic detectives can starve to death。
Like looking for someone、Investigate Xiaosan,These are the basic skills that detectives rely on for survival,There is someone like Mouri Kogoro who can“Shoot”His man,Help him solve the case and become a detective,That’s really out of luck。
Of course,Conan for Xiaolan,He was willing to be the man behind his father-in-law。
After all, even the baby girl abducted,How can I not work for my father-in-law?。
Cough,Man of few words,Under the banknote capacity,This private detective company hired by Tang Ze,Soon with these conditions, Tang Ze’s target was locked。
Kamata Kohei,28year old,Doctor at Mihua General Hospital,Once with the daughter of the director of the Mihua General Hospital,Caiko Ninagawa, currently attending Tedan High School, has a marriage contract,But was later divorced。
“I need you to investigate this man。”

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