Not long after arriving,The garden manager sent ritual supplies,Of course I set up a hotel here,Can handle funeral,You can also solve the lunch and breakfast problem when sweeping the grave,Special ritual supplies and food are also provided。Of course the cost is not low。The staff handles everything and leaves,Only my granddaughter and I are left,We finished incense and paper money one by one,I shed tears at my parents’ tombstone。

“Parents,Are you guys OK?Are you still in that world?He has been reincarnated?I miss you so much,Can i see you after i die?”Sad looking at me crying,Granddaughter kept tears silently。I finished talking in front of the graves of my parents and the old man,The granddaughter just called to say that the sanitation at home was cleaned up,We went back。This home was really scared by the people in the house!
“Fucking,You are all back!”My complaint broke the excitement at home。
“mom,Why did you come back suddenly!”
“Yes yes yes,Mom you are back,How do we take care of you!So far away!”Both my son and Guliang came forward and accused me。
“far!So far!You see I’ve only been back for a few hours,Didn’t you just come back with the front and back heels??Why!From when you were in my stomach,Has bound me for so many years,Where are you where i am,I’m going to die,Can’t you give me some freedom?Do you want to tie me to your side to die??I just want to grow old in a place I know in my last time。Is it not good”It’s nice to see this full house of children and grandchildren。
“I will go eventually!”
“Then I move the headquarters back”The eldest son still said stubbornly。I thought about it carefully before I said。
“It is unnecessary to move back,You can temporarily work here,I am not long,It’s not good to move for me”
“milk,Not for you to move back,Yes here is our root,I discussed with my father earlier,Ready to move the headquarters back。Milk, don’t feel pressure。”
“I don’t feel any pressure,What do you think,It’s up to you to choose,I am not a businessman,I don’t understand what’s inside, I don’t participate。”After the matter was settled, everyone chatted up and down,I need to go to bed early at night,Just let them arrange。
I still got up early the next morning,As usual, making tea and eating snacks in the yard。Looking at the weeds in the yard countless times and lamenting the growth of the weeds。Wait for granddaughter back,We still act together,I went to the flower and bird market and asked someone to clean up the yard,I went to the supermarket and prepared some food。When I got home, I saw a family sitting in the living room with a strange little fresh meat that looked good.。
“Is this guy looking for a boyfriend for the girl??Looks good!”This sentence suddenly made the scene lively like a thunder。
“milk,no,This is not for cousin……”
“milk,Sister is still young……”
…………The arrogant voices quarreled。
“milk,This is a caregiver,Know a lot。We asked him to take care of you!”Grandson’s words made me half to death!

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