First215chapter Study out
England,This is the main body of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland。
So in general“United Kingdom”This word,This is what it represents。
And here,It’s where Tang Ze was sent to study。
Because of the recent cases,Tang Ze’s resume was quickly covered with outstanding records。
So this time it was supposed to be a study abroad for the elites who have been employed for three to five years.,Tang Ze just moved ahead。
But it’s for advanced studies,Actually just learn a little bit,Basically gilded,It is also a reasonable excuse for him to be promoted to the police department。
of course,He is not like the protagonist who is forced by many things,To the other side,I have to get involved in the case,Unpleasant。
Even in neon,If Tokyo criminals encounter cases elsewhere, they want to participate in the search,The same will be rejected by the local criminal,Even if there is a command from above, it’s just as unhappy,Will keep you out of the way in private。
Not to mention that Tang Ze is studying abroad now,When there are no orders from above。
Isn’t it a good vacation?,Anyway, with my English level,Daily communication is still no problem,Wherever you want to go, you’ll be done,Why bother to participate in the case?。
After getting off the plane,Adjusted the time difference at the arranged residence,Tang Ze got up from bed refreshed the next morning。
Start with a glass of freshly squeezed grape juice,Plus some bacon、Sausage and a serving…Fried tomatoes。
You heard me right,Just fried tomatoes。

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