Ouyang is speechless,It took a long time to hesitate:“I,Of course I want to live with Zhang Sha!”

Speaking of which,Ouyang looked at me blankly again:“Brother Zhao, do you think this is good??There is another good place under this cliff,That place is also good,Just go live there,I will clean it up for you。”
Zhang Sha spoke:“Uncle Ouyang,If it is really inconvenient for you,I’ll go live by myself,Let this place to you!”
Ouyang is anxious:“How about salsa?Below is the deep mountains and old forests and beasts haunt,How could I let you take risks?”
I looked at him meaningfully:“OK, Uncle Ouyang,You let me take an adventure in the mountains where old forests and beasts haunt,You yourself are tired of following the little beauty,Your abacus is good!”
Ouyang found out that he was speechless,His face flushed,Pushed a pair of nose glasses:“Brother Zhao,That is not what i mean,I mean she is a girl at home,Can’t cope with the difficulties outside,You are different,Are you the hero who killed the golden python!Those beasts will be scared when they see you!”
I looked at Ouyang coldly:“No way!I’m going to live here!And don’t think of running around!The three of us live here,Even if Su Mei is coming,We don’t separate,So that everyone takes good care of each other。”
Ouyang blushing,He looks very excited,Yelled for a long time:“No no no!Brother Zhao, you absolutely can’t do this!”
Zhang Sha was silent for a long time,Suddenly said:“I understand what Brother Zhao meant!Uncle, just let him arrange!”
Chapter Fifty-Five See also black fruit
Ouyang didn’t expect Zhang Sha to agree,He was silent for a long time,Then I sighed and pushed my glasses on the bridge of my nose:“Ok,Since you have no objection,I don’t say anything。”
The plan is arranged like this:Actually, we are not suitable to live in a wooden house with Zhang Sha,Because men and women are different,Living is really not convenient,My idea is to build a simple shed in the clover pile on the right side of the wooden house,Then I live with Ouyang,Everyone can share the cabin during the day,We live in a shack at night,Zhang Sha still lives in a wooden house。
Ouyang felt relieved after hearing this,He thought the three of us would be crowded in one room,That’s really embarrassing。
Next,I want him to execute the theft plan,of course,Before that we have a few things to do,The first thing is to go back under the giant tree and join Chu Hong,Explain the situation to her,Besides,I still want her to ask Su Mei out,Discuss Ouyang’s suggestion with Su Mei。
The second thing is to go to the dark spring cave to transport the wild boar to the wooden house,After completing these two things,We can officially start the theft plan。
Ouyang reluctantly accepted my arrangement,He looked at my green canvas overalls and smiled dryly:‘Brother Zhao,I think this suit suits you well。”
I asked him why he didn’t change,Ouyang shook his head:“I don’t like Japanese clothes,Your outfit looks a bit like a little Japan。”
Look down,This suit is indeed very gentle,But this is my best clothing so far,There is no choice in this environment。When we are ready to go,Zhang Sha told Ouyang carefully:’There may be beasts on the road,Uncle, be careful。“

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