“Ha ha,Ok,Less yourself。”Lin Feng haha smiles,Up to the fire with your own Xuanhuang。

“Tomb,You still leave one hand。”The greedy saints looked at the three German people couldn’t help but a way.。
“Hey-hey。”Santao people just smiled,Continue to mobilize the osmosis of these ice cold。
After a fragrance,The original ice and snow world dissipated in the void,A huge stone monument stands in front of everyone,It is the grave of proud robbery。
“Open yourself。”Lin Feng looked at proud robbery。
“Yes!”The figure of proud robbery went up,His figure is in the air,Various mountains,One hand reached out on a mark on the stone monument。
Huge boom sound,The stone monument sounds the vibration sound,Originally cracking,Huge gully is on the ground,It can be seen that the earth is lying in the horizontal stone.。
This is no different from what the common people’s burial。
“No treasure inside?”Sandao people looked at the robbery。
“The most powerful baby is my congenital first-class Lingbao eight floats.,But it has been completely destroyed.。”The robbery suddenly said:“You accounted to Yinde!”
“Robbery,I may borrow your body。”Lin Feng suddenly opened the mouth。
“If the owner is used,Can。”Tiaoba people have a little unnatural eye,After all, this is his body.。
“You have three sons,In the depths of the monster, the people of the people。”Lin Feng looked at the world of robbery:“I want to attract them here.,Let the Three Emperors take out。”He has not hidden,Put the original plan again。
After all, the identity of proud robbery is here.。
Tiaoba people heard his face change,After a long time, I will silence.:“Mao Tian robbery is dead,There is only one robust person in this world.,Just hope that the owner is watching on my face.,Don’t let three people fall completely,Leave only one yuan of branding,I will persuade them to send a bloody mark.!”
Chapter 111 Back to the bloody city
NS1401Chapter returns to the bloody city
“no problem。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update”Lin Feng looked at the robbery laughing:“Is there any other demand??”
“there is none left。”Tiaoba people heard a respectable。
Lin Feng heard a little bit,His big hand spread out,A pagoda appeared in the void,Herone is the Mingwang Tower,The powerful attraction in the Mingwang Tower。
“Bang!”A sudden sound,The simple stone maneuvered,Flying into the Mingwang Tower disappeared。
After Lin Feng turned around to go back to Daming Empire.。
The Daming Empire has been unbeaten, and there have been two other messengers.,Amazing in the sky in the bloody city,The owner of this shadow is the Oriental Star。
Oriental Star is full of airflow,Still with a Daoxiao,These people have a falling color in the depths of light.,Oriental empty figure is in it。
In addition to the Eastern empty, there is a solitary family,Tang family,Night home,Li Jia’s five old people,These five old people are sad,Double eyes are unwillingful。
It turned out that Lin Feng made Nanming to inform Oriental Star,Let these saints come to the bloody city。
“Welcome seniors。”Just when everyone came in this void,A fat god like a jade figure,The owner of this shadow blocked the mysterious breath。
Comparable,Even the breath of the saint is more hegemony,This person is Lin Feng’s son Lin Yu。
It turns out that Lin Yu has given a greedy palace.,In this long years,Has suffered from big star realm,Equivalent to the realm of the gods,This kind of talent has to say strong。
Lin Yu’s heart followed by a group of strong people,Yishan Wang,The figure of Dawu and others is in it.。
“A small friend is?”
Oriental Star showed Lin Yu surprised。

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