“Is not,I’m back home,Lost your phone if you lose it,I didn’t want to contact anyone at that time,Stayed at home for more than a month,I just came back,My eldest brother-in-law bought this phone when I left。”

“Gosh,You are truly legendary,Fortunately, I met someone who was timid and unwilling to kill,Otherwise, you and the child are gone!”Zhang Siwei was scared enough,Pale face,Turn around and give Xia Shuyue an affectionate hug。
“Who kidnapped me,All thought I was dead,Except for the one who let me go,Otherwise I’m afraid I won’t live today。”There were tears in Xia Shuyue’s eyes,Rejoice for the rest of my life,Also moved by Zhang Siwei’s affectionate embrace,“thank you,Si Wei。”
223 One’s bitter
Zhang Siwei got up and poured Xia Shuyue a cup of hot water,“Do you know that person,The police caught him,The police will help you figure out who the main messenger is,Whose heart is so dark,Not even a pregnant woman!It stands to reason that you will not offend people to the point of killing you!”
Xia Shuyue takes a sip of hot water,Take a sigh of relief,Just said,“Forget it,I am safe now,People thought I was dead,I don’t have to be troublesome,Have you heard that the kidnappers kidnapped you、Put your story again?I won’t be clear with the police myself,He didn’t really want my life anyway,I know that person,It’s the little gangster in the fight with me in the night market.。”
Zhang Siwei was dazed for a while,Still can’t figure it out,“Logically,My IQ should not be low,But you make me feel dizzy,I didn’t understand what was going on,Which one does this little bastard sing??”
“There was a man,After they kidnapped me,Wait for him there,Hit me when he comes,Ask me what is crazy,I don’t know what happened,But it looks like it should be his money,Those few people seem to listen to him,I don’t know this person。”Xia Shuyue recalls the details of the day。
Zhang Siwei looked at Xia Shuyue seriously,“You are fine now,Because they thought you were dead,But if they know you are still alive,Will you trouble me again?”
Xia Shuyue shook his head,“do not know,I am not sure as well,The man who let me go said,Let me never come back forever,I didn’t want to come back,But stay at home,My mother kept arrogantly looking for an old man to marry me,Said I will have a baby in the future,I have to find someone to help,Say my situation again,Can only find an old man,No young man wants me,I was bothered by them too,Went to my sister’s house,But it’s not realistic to live in sister’s house for a long time,I had to come back again,I have to earn money to feed the children。”
Zhang Siwei held Xia Shuyue’s hand tightly,“You are still scared,Your hands are cold!”

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