Sitting for three days,Three Tail You Feng put the detailed combat plan and the operational task of the division,And the core objective of this operation,At the Xun Sail, the division began to deploy according to the operation plan.。

Chongqing Songshan Military Bureau
“boss,What is the chairman??”
“I have agreed that I will agree.!Before Xiajiu helped him,This time he doesn’t help me.。”Talk statement,
“It is a big loss to a little devil.,How to do Xiaojiu?”
“You don’t have to worry about this.,Xiaojiu certainly has a way。”Wearing it is also rumored to let him see the first half combat plan,Because of the little action of Xiaoxiao,So wear is very supportive。
After five days,Song Jian and Tang Rui have got a complete set of combat plans and multiple sets of preparation programs from Chizhou’s dead mailbox.,The focus is required that Fu Yingxue took the independent group in the mountains to be surrounded by the devils of the devils she brought.,Let her have to do defense work。
In this operational plan,Rui Rui also explained in detail the task of Fang Tianyi and Sunshi City Group,Want to give Chongqing some lessons,It also needs their assistance。
This combat plan must be clearly understood with a few priests.,Otherwise, once you are surrounded by the devil, you can’t compress this plan, you will definitely fail.。
Fu Yingxue only put Tang Pu,Long Jingwei still has a camp of a battalion, Xu Mao, a camp.,Tell it to them.,And the plan cannot tell anyone。
“Big,We must insist on at least two hours,This should be no problem.!”Tang Zhao listened to the battle plan,
“In accordance with the work and sufficient weapon pharmaceuticals, we have to stick to two hours.,Even if you have no problem in two days,So don’t worry,It is surrounded by the devil,It will have a large number of army to support us up to two hours.,At that time, the devil is hit by our two sides.!”Fu Yingxue said,
“Big,If the devil comes too much,The head of the head and the head of the grandson have not seen the win.。”Tang Jin also asked,
“You don’t have to worry about this.,Your big brother will never put us in a dead place.,Don’t you believe him??”Fu Ying Xue too many words are inconvenient,In case of leaking, the news is likely to cause the whole army.。
“We don’t believe who everyone believes in big brothers.,Even the big brother makes us with the devils to do our best.,The new four armies will certainly come to support,It seems that this is a big battle.!”Longjing Wei said,
“Your big brother has given us the battle plan.,The last loss is this time we must find it back.!Revenge for sacrificed brethren!”
Preparation to do is to reinforce the work,In addition, it is notified that Tian Tianyi and Sunshi City immediately sent some elite to cooperate.,Number of people don’t have much,Each group has a two hundred people enough,Weapon ammunition。
As for the rest, the devils are not late after allocation.,Tang Fu、Longjing Wei and Xu Mao are just to urge the soldiers to strengthen their own defensive work.,In addition, continue the existing trenches to deepen,Widen。
The third year of the team has received the secret,Let his thirty-two group armies keep preparing for war,But the specific task has not said。
Alked until June 12,Three Yousou has quietly came to Huangshan outside with the seventeenth mixed group.,He made Xiaosong Cang Ren and Jiuzhong’s pity to bring a joint team to enter Huangshan.,He did not raid at night,Instead, the outer circumference of the murderer is hidden.。
After waiting,He ordered the emergency army to block the three exports of the killing the Shenshi Group.,After that, the transfers will be promoted in front of the front.。
Fu Ying Snow gets the devil has blocked all the exports.,So immediately let Wu Tianbao send a telegram,At this time Tang Jin,Longjing Wei and Xu Maple ordered each company to enter the position to prepare。
Fang Tianyi personally took the black fox commando to enter the position of more than 300 new four armies,They are now all wearing a military uniform,There is also Sunzi City, also sent a team of elite by Li Xinghua.,Zhang loud to help fight,They also dressed as a warrior of killing。
So now Huangshan is also a good hand in good fighting.,They all have concealed in the work and trenches.,Rui Rui makes the trenches that the soldiers dig all the field,Such a devil bombarders can also retreat to the back trenches in advance to avoid。
After the day,The two joints of the 17th mixed group under the order of the three tail of Youfeng began to attack from the three entrances to the mountains.,But it was stubbornly resistant to the murder。
I can’t take a long time.,Glasses,Only one meter-five-year-old Sanguo, Jinchuan, sunny:“Three tail!Do you want to request support??”
The first step in the operation plan for the West Sailing plan is to surround the killing,Destroy them and not urgent,Because this point is worthy。
“How do you make you how to play?!Don’t say so many words!”Three ends from Feng Yin Shen face,
“Iran!”Three hiking,
“Is there still been passing back in Minmong and Nine??”
“Traveler,This just opened,Even if their aid will have to be ten o’clock.!”Yi and Xian said。
“Do not,Don’t read the speed of the New Fourth Army!I want to know the situation in each direction in the first time.。”
After a hour twenty three minutes,Yi and Xian people rushed to report:“Traveler,Xiao Song Chan Ren sent back to the news,The New Fourth Army has not come,Two Huajun Regular Army was discovered in the south direction!”
“Huajun Regular Army!?”
“Yes!Xiao Song Cangren said that approximately two trips!”
“well!I didn’t expect it to harvest unexpectedly.!Jinchuan!”

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