“President Xia is a young talent in business,Be vigorous and vigorous,Ok!Since you came with sincerity,I, He Wei, will give you a bottom,I have planted more than 40 million in this land,So add other fees and bank interest,Not fifty million,Let’s not talk about it“He Wei said,Looked at the door outside the window。

At this moment,Shouting at the gate,Wave over wave,Through glass,All a bit deafening。The office door was pushed open,A woman with glasses came in,She said to He Wei:“Mr. He,City Labor Bureau called,Let you go quickly,This is the fifth call,and so…“
“Got it,Go ahead!“He Wei interrupted which woman very impatiently。
Xia Jian saw that the time was about,Said to He Wei immediately:“Mr. He,Fifty million,Such a big number,Few companies in Bucheon can afford to live,And i also know,Materials and labor costs you owe,Just over 15 million,Your fifty million is not too much?”
“President Xia,Actually, we are now discussing this without any meaning,The key is my door,You saw it too,If you can let these people leave here first,As for the price,We can still talk”He Wei finally can’t stand it,Almost with begging eyes,Looking at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian didn’t say a word,Just beckoned behind,Fang Fang walked over quickly,He tilted his head,In Fang Fang’s ears,Fang Fang finished listening,Turn around and leave。
In a while,Fang Fang walked in with a man about forty years old,Xia Zhima stood up,Staring at the visitor:“Li Papi,do you still remember me?”
Middle-aged man blinking small eyes,It took a long time to say:“You are Xia Jian?”Feel a little unbelievable,Indeed,Which Xia Jian worked for him before,How can I connect with Xia Jian, who is now in suits and shoes?。
Fang Fang glared at Li Papi,Said quietly:“This is President Xia of our Venture Group”
“Oh!Mr. Xia!”Li Papi wiped his hands on his clothes,Hurriedly stretched out,Xia Jian ignored him,Just motioned him to sit on the sofa。
Xia Jian looked at this black-faced contractor,I want to step on his feet,But not now,He tried his best to calm himself down and said:“Boss Li,These bosses who brought workers here today,Do you all know?“
“Answer honestly“Fang Fang pointed to Li Papi and shouted,I don’t know why Fang Fang dislikes this guy so much。
Li Papi shrank his neck nervously and said:“The real boss never came,We are all small foremen,Can’t be said to be a disturbance,It’s true that the wages dragged on for too long,It’s almost a year“

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