Forgiveness,This is a little fake,Various nobles,One listening is to push the words。

Tongong Yale does not speak,Liao Wenjie does not speak,believe it or not,He is unparalleled.。
Just when the two people are silent,Living room wooden door ringing,A man holding a cane pushed into the door。
Monk,Left hand sleeve is empty,Obviously it is a middle-aged person,Dying,Heads have some spending white。
谏 山 奈 落。
Tujia home,The contemporary home of the mountain,Tong Yan Yale resigned after the identity of the leader of the Exor Magist Family Alliance,I took over the relevant position by him.。
Power transfer from Zongjia to the family,Change to the right hand from the left hand,Standard political means。
Get the news of Tongyong Yale,谏 山 奈 落 度 度 度,See Liao Wenjie’s face,Heartless,It’s a big brother,Delineate,If you don’t sound, you will find the mysterious power of the neon government.。
I don’t know how to draw,Is there any success to go to the league?。
“This is the Naishan Nai,Currently the leader of the privilege family,If you still want to ask something about killing stone,He will tell you all the truth.。”
The palace is overwhelmed,Tired to the corner:“Nair,Bai Rui’s seal has a problem,I have to take a break.,Next, please take your guests。”
“what,Bai Rui’s seal has a problem!”
谏山 奈 面 惊,Take it with asked:“How is it going,Bai Rui did not break out?”
Tongong Yali:“……”
Say you may not believe,Bai Rui never honestly。
The truth is tearful,Tong Palace Yalle doesn’t want to talk more,The head is asleep,谏山 奈 张 张 张,Seeing that the old brother is exhausted,Unbearable,Pressure full abdomen, sitting in front of Liao Wenjie。
“谏 山 谏 落,Please advise。”
“黑 崎 一,The uncle, the mountains don’t have to be polite.,See you very good,Call me a guilty。”
Liao Wenjie said:“I have just been very happy to talk to the uncle of the Tongyong home.,I still have a few questions about killing stone.,I hope you can help me answer questions.。”
“Please say。”
“About replica of killing stone,I don’t know if the privilege family is understanding.。”
“There are some。”
Lushan never,Smile:“Not,Last two months,Victims of killing stone trial products around the world,Neon government is unbearable,Shift responsibility, chaos, black pot,Exorcist family alliance is involved in it,Have a huge loss。”
“Why not……I mean,About replica murderous stone,For example, mass manufacture,Do you have any shortprint??”Liao Wenjie asked。
“investigating,No clarity。”
Quite official answer,Liao Wenjie heard straight frown,In turn:“If it is a clue,I can give you a one,Because I am single,Can’t traverse,What can I find some?。”
“That’s great,I am ignorant……”
“Don’t worry,You must first promise me a condition,No matter what you follow this clue,Be shared,Otherwise I can only use my own way to get information.。”Speaking of which,Liao Wenjie touched the long knife。
“no problem。”
“Well,some days ago,I am acting near I.,I found a guy named Tian Zhongxiong.,He is the organized person,At the same time, there are two yin and yang.,Male called Xiaolin……”
Liao Wenjie talked about the situation that night:“Tian Zhongxiong is the revivement of the revision,Two yin and Yang divides are also implicated with mysterious organizations.,Because they come to kill,Clues are also interrupted。”
You are sure that it is self-conflicting,Instead of being cut by you?

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