On the phone,Guo Meili paused and said:”Good manager Xia,I will hold a meeting right away,Anyway, we have to build it sooner or later,We might as well do it early“It seems that Guo Meili’s thoughts are the same as Xia Jian’s。

“Secretary Wang,Don’t worry now!Don’t say that our businessmen don’t talk about credibility,Be careful of being beaten”Xia Jian finished saying this,Get up and go。
Ouyang Hong chased outside from the office,Shout loudly:“Don’t be angry, Mr. Xia,I invite you to eat fried noodles”
Xia Jian stopped taking a look,Found that it was half past twelve,Are all this stubborn old man,I missed my meal。If it wasn’t for Ouyang Hong to call him,He is preparing to go back to Xiping Village with Fang Fang。
The business of Laoyang Noodle Shop is still booming,It’s this time,There are still a lot of guests inside。
Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong found the corner of the wall and sat down,Lao Yang greeted him personally,He said with a smile:“The two have been here for a while”
“busy these days,Did not come,Three bowls of fried noodles,Two bottles of beer,It’s best to add some meat”Ouyang Hong said with a smile。
Lao Yang said with a smile while pouring water:“no problem,Meat is fresh,Make sure you eat happily”Lao Yang pours good water,So I said hello to go outside。
Xia Jian suddenly remembered,There was a story in this place,He couldn’t help but lowered his voice and asked Ouyang Hong:“Where did Xia grow up??Why didn’t you see him”
“Look at your memory,The last demolition,He was also caught in by his nephew,Retire now!Should be retreat,I’m sorry to keep going”Ouyang Hong said,Looked around。
Suddenly by the table at the door,Someone quarreled:“You shit,You did it voluntarily,I didn’t drag you,Why do you ask me if you lose money now??I didn’t win you a penny”
The other said in a low voice:“Stop pretending to be garlic,You are in collusion,Specifically to win our money,Then divide,You think i don’t know,Which Wang Youcai specializes in doing this,The people who fell in with him are now looking for him everywhere,You better be careful”
These two yelling,Got up and walked out the door。
“Why is Wang Youcai again??Isn’t it one of our village?!”Xia Jian asked Ouyang Hong in surprise。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Who else can he have?Many villagers have looked for me,But I suffer from no evidence,There’s no way to take him for a while”
“What are you doing so hard?Report the crime,This guy should be cured long ago“Xia Jian said,Looked around,Found no acquaintances。He still knows the truth about this wall。
Ouyang Hong took a breath and said:“Folks in the township,If it gets in,It’s hard to come out。Moreover,This is Zhou Yu’s fight against Huang Gai,A family willing to fight,A family willing to endure“
“Or I will help you?“Xia Jian suddenly said something like this。

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