Wang Youcai’s 180-degree transformation made several aunts extremely happy,But Aunt Wang seemed to remember something,She frowned and didn’t speak。But when Wang Youcai drove his broken jeep out of the compound,Aunt Wang got into the passenger cabin first。

People are good face,This Aunt Wang is even more。His husband is the head of dozens of households in Chenzhuang,She, the wife of the village chief, also has a lot of face in front of everyone。Like knocking on the door and calling for a car today,Although a bit twists and turns,But in the end Wang Youcai still gave her face。
“Boss Wang!Every time something happens, it hurts you,Really embarrassed”Aunt Wang secretly glanced at Wang Youcai,A little embarrassed to say。
Wang Youcai, who is driving the car, is always thinking about his good things,So Aunt Wang said,He just laughed and said:“Nothing!No matter”
Aunt Wang is a little confused,Just now he looked like eating people,Why is it so fast now?They say that women change their faces quickly,I didn’t expect this Wang Youcai to be a man,Change their faces faster than their women。
Some places are frozen on the road,But it’s not as scary as Wang Youcai said。Inadvertently,The jeep has passed these places safely。
The town of Baishui in the twelfth lunar month suddenly became lively,The market people took up half of the road。The vendors who stand out with trumpets in their hands,Desperately promoting his products。Some old ladies and grandpas,Watch while walking。I also ask for the price from time to time。
Wang Youcai just parked the car on the side of the road,I saw Julan and his son running towards him in the car。Wang Youcai’s broken jeep,There are almost no people in Chenzhuang that you don’t know。
When Aunt Wang saw grandson,Jumped out of the car like crazy。She hugged the little grandson’s head,Yelling for joy。
Which aunts in the village,Holding Julan’s hand to ask long and short questions,It’s just saying that the longer the chrysanthemum is, the whiter it is,The longer the better。
Wang Youcai sat in the car and didn’t move,His two eyes through the windshield,I looked at Julan from head to toe。This woman is good at first,She hardly went to the ground when she was at her in-laws’ house,The work in the city now does not blow or bask in the sun,Can she not whiten?
I used to wear a lot of soil at home,And now?Blue toned jeans,White turtleneck sweater,Plus a hot red fashionable coat。Let who see,Julan is definitely not a farmer in Chenzhuang。
Julan joked with these aunts,My eyes peeked at Wang Youcai in the car from time to time。Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen this woman for a long time,Wang Youcai found that the longer the chrysanthemum, the better-looking,Especially her body curve that is convex and warped,Wang Youcai swallowed。
Wang Youcai can’t sit still after sitting for a while,He opened the car door and walked down。But he didn’t go directly to Julan’s side,But a circle,He walked around behind Ju Lan。

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