The speed of falling finally slowed down,His body is suspended in a wonderful space,The surroundings are extremely white,But the strange thing is that it is not glaring。

“You came。”A soft male voice rang,The tone is as kind as meeting old acquaintances,Li Tianzhi looked around,But can’t find the source of the sound。
“who are you?where is this place?”
“I am you,You are me。”
“Are you trying to prevaricate me??”
“I never say prevarication。”
Li Tianzhi,But I can’t remember when there will be such a self,The soul that was once associated is long gone,After the creation of the gods, the little golden man appeared,According to Jia Chou later,The little golden man was once‘Lord of Seven Flames’Part of the golden body,But didn’t have time to get to know each other,He also left,In order to suppress‘Demon Lord’Sink into the depths of the underground palace。
It would be great if Xiaojinren were here,He might recognize the source of this voice,I’m used to the other party’s chattering and nagging,I felt so regretful after I lost it suddenly,Li Tianzhen discovers the unexpectedly complex twists and turns on the road to awakening,At the same time, he gradually carried more and more heavy things on his back,Start from asking the heart,Never break。
“You can also understand,I am you、or‘Lord of Seven Flames’A virtual avatar,Have been sleeping in this space,Was awakened not long ago。”
“Not bad。The main god has several incarnations,I’m just one of them。”
“So who is it that wakes you up?”
“Also you,Just behind the Huoyan Temple。”
Li Tianzhen was shocked,This voice is obviously talking about divinity,Haven’t entered the Huoyan Temple,Divinity is already impatient,‘Lord of Seven Flames’Do you think I’m ashamed??He has never been able to combine himself with each other,The difficulty of role fusion,It also shows that the road to awakening is long。
Terrible,Just remember to count the stars,Unknowingly entered a state of meditation,What time is it right now?There was only one hour left before,Won’t it just pass by in a hurry,Li Tianzhen woke up in a shock,Suddenly burst into my mind,In his perception,The big eyes that claim to be an incarnation have rushed to the sky,A looming figure appeared in Fuyao straight up,A lot of stars fell between the waves。
Why is this guy so reckless?Li Tianzhen furious,But the falling stars suddenly converged into two dazzling spheres,Then it exploded silently,Two divine words appeared in his consciousness,It translates to balance and order。
“Finally woke up!”The sacred beast Paixiu outside Nantianmen cheered。
“Dare to ask dude,You can still get in this Nantian Gate?”Li Tianzhen rises up,Because of the auspicious clouds and sunshine,He can’t judge the time。

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