What stimulates?”
Zhao Xiaoli shakes the brain,She feels that the medicine is very big before Liu Dafu.。
“Hey-hey,How to bundle game?
like or not?
I tied you,Then”Zhang Erzhuang also did not expect to be drunk Zhao Xiaoli so cooperated.。
Don’t need him with strong。
Li Hui’s voice was also heard of Zhang Erzhuang’s voice.。
When you don’t even hang up the phone, you will go to Zhao Xiaoli.。
Motorcycle roar,Directly in the distance。
Zhao Xiaoling wants to stop up,As a result, it was directly to be bundled with him.。
The towel in the mouth, let her know that things have exceeded their sisters.。
Zhao Xiaoli saw his sister’s situation,It is giggling.。
“Little girl,You still have anxious than your sister.,quick,Let me call me first.!”
This kind of crisp soft soft,Soft Soft’s Spirit,Directly put Zhang Erzhuang to completely ignited。
“Hey-hey,Then you come first。”
Chapter 1163
Zhang Erzhuang is excited, I can’t help but send a low voice.。
I don’t want to pounce directly.。
Just when he just took off each other’s clothes,Zhao Xiaoli smiled unpassor and charming。
“People also have to bundle games,This means that there is no meaning。”
“Hey-hey,it is good,it is good,it is good,But I still want to play first.。”
Say,Zhang Erzhuang directly hugged。
Just hug,That temperature is like water feeling,It’s just that he doesn’t have a dream.。
Just when he is ready to go down,Li Hui Feng is directly rushed in。
Two words don’t say,I went out with a foot.。
Zhang Erzhuang did not expect the key moment, Li Hui will come out to look out.。
Li Hui also didn’t expect Zhang Erzhuang or dead.。
Originally he thought Zhang Erzhuang became better,I didn’t expect some people who will converge when they met tough.,Once the stage has passed,Malicious or as always。
“Lee brother,If you like,Let’s be together.,I am bigger,How are you thinking??”
Zhang Erzhuang saw that Li Hui’s chills in the eyes of the eyes.,I am also afraid in my heart.。
Decisive decision,That is to give each other one。

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