I found a station-free windshield,Outlook stage。

I can only see a big round ball in the distance.,Don’t say the guests on the stage.,Even the stage itself can’t see,It’s all the head of going to the dark.,Sound noisy,The driver of the road angry is still crazy.。
I know today’s road blockage,Also choose from this,Do not blame the road,Can only say that the driver is stupid,No who is willing to let the road。
Chen Linzhi’s leisure time,Don’t forget to take a quantity of girls with strict girls,In fact, he just talks with the Global Music Company.,Probability enters the guest background,Meet those who are soon to meet with those singers,But he thinks there is nothing necessary,Take more。
When you can’t get some circle,Ergently want to squeeze,After the strength is really enough,In fact, it’s just。
If Chen Linzhi is not successful,It is likely to choose to sing、Use script to earn money,But he has now found a more suitable fortune road.,Naturally, it will treat it as a hobby.,Even if you know that the concert can make money,Still not promised the broker’s invitation。
Not see the stage,Anna Atas is also very happy。
If you just want to listen to songs,It is better to watch TV in the hotel room.,It is mainly to feel the atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve.。
Standing next to the road,Hand into the pocket to keep warm,Chen Linzhi accidentally saw the glove packaging in the window,Write“o”Word,Read the excitement:
“This is like the product launched by our company.,This year, there are more than 2 million pairs of gloves this winter.,A pair of gloves like this can earn about 30 cents,Rely on quantity profit。
Huaxia’s factory is so much,Produced goods take out export,The goods in the Mainland have decreased,Mainly still consumption,There are too few factories,The people there are buy a pair of ordinary shoes,Maybe it will take over half a month salary,If you are interested in your father,You can let him visit the market in Huaxia,Now the preferential support for foreign companies is very strong.,Wal-Mart also,Maybe you will thank you for your supervisor.。”
“incredible,Since you lack goods,Why do you have to sell in the international market??Don’t you first meet your needs??”
“Because it is difficult to overcome,Earn foreign exchange opportunities too little,With foreign exchange, you can buy more advanced machines from other countries.,Learn more advanced production technology,This can increase productivity,Made more products。”
Chen Linzhi,His eyes are long enough,This is what I want to work with Anna Tasia.,Let Wal-Mart increased in Huaxia’s procurement,Grab the Southeast Asia、Market share in Central America and South America。
Anna Tasia still feels that a pair of shoes will take over half a month salary.,Listening is very incredible,But I feel that the practice of earning foreign exchange purchasing new machines is very efficient.,Like many Americans,She is not enough for Huaxia.,If you don’t know Chen Linzhi,Know what transnational trading business is doing,I will not know that the opposite is looking for reforms.。
About reform and opening up,Surrounded by the surname or a surname,In fact, it has been discussed on the other side.。
Chen Linzhi’s company in the past investment,It is also facing a small resistance,It is good to open a family in the name of the Hong Kong Castle Branch.“Sun Company”,And Hong Kong City is about to return,Not involved in key industries,So is still registered by him successfullyotrademark,And Contact OEM Processing,Gao Bo learned from Chen Linzhi to find as a general manager,After the busy busy,Contact machining and transportation, etc.,Currently, the production and sales of the main clothing and surrounding products。
Accident I saw my company’s alternatives,Affectionate,If it is not the store, the store is closed.,He wants to enter the store to buy a pair,Look at the goods from wholesale to the United States,What is the price?。
Waiting patiently for a while,Not far a bell,I finally started singing performances。
This season,Even if it is a rewarded station,Will not come to the street throwing face,Chen Linzhi originally wanted to explore the road,Feel the driver said“Notoriable red light district”What is it like?,Why is it in the street of this song and kawrographer?,Wish falls。
Left hand put in the wide pocket of Anna Tasia,Chen Linzhi smoked the smoke,Experience in the country,Snowflakes already floated in the sky。
He looked up。
Under the colorful neon lights,Snowflakes are clearly visible,Rude。
Christine night did not snow,New Year’s Day is finally falling this day.,Chen Linzhi mentality,Anna Atasia is a small call called excitement.。
Just now, Chen Linzhi felt that the flat feelings were not suitable for yourself.,Mainly because of these days,Feel the state of the same life,Let him have a marriage of Miss Anna Atas,The next half may have this,Another thoughtful thought。
Whether selling a house to his French landlord,Martia·Ipez et al.,It will bring his heartbeat acceleration.,Let people eat,Deep fans。
Fortunately, it is still small.,Anna Atas has never mentioned the topic of marriage,Therefore, it is difficult to keep Chen Linzhi will not change the idea.,Today, this is also very good.,I can’t lose watermelon for sesame seeds.。
Since the years, I have been waves to take off.,This time, I’m going to get along with the genuine girlfriend.,It is inevitable that Chen Linzhi has feeled
far away。
Michael·Jackson’s unique voice icon is full,Singing song Chen Linzhi http://www.xinhaimc.cn has not heard。
The sound of the whistling of the high-rise group,It sounds a little bad,More than two hours left,Chen Linzhi tried to propose back to the hotel’s suggestion,I didn’t expect Anna Atasa to say that they did not say directly.,It is estimated that it is still stupid tonight.。
Find a phone booth,Have a call back to Waldorf Hotel,Let the chef help prepare some snacks,Zhou Road Back to find a lending luxury car,The driver is standing on the roadside smoking,I will come back soon as I saw two employers.,Quite unexpected。
There are not many traffic on the road.,Successfully send Chen Linzhi and Anna Atas,Chen Linzhi returned to the room for pajamas,Find the address book to call a friend,Said some new year blessings。
Call Zhou Bao Yu asked the family,Matia, a few days ago·Ipez came over to find him,I am http://www.zsocms.cn thinking that she still wants to continue the leading edge.,I saw Anna Atas met a sexy clothes.,Black stockings,Black high heels,At the thigh, with a garter,The head is a rabbit iron card。
I will pull Chen Linzhi from the state of my heart.,Ask:“When did I bought this set of clothes?,If you take it out early,I don’t need to rest at all two days.。”
Find a phone booth,Have a call back to Waldorf Hotel,Let the chef help prepare some snacks,Zhou Road Back to find a lending luxury car,The driver is standing on the roadside smoking,I will come back soon as I saw two employers.,Quite unexpected。

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