“I do not know either,Intuition”
Suddenly silent,What is intuition?。
“Kid,Stop frowning,It’s already like this now,It’s useless if you are in a hurry,Look a little bit”Longji Electric Blue Dragon obviously won’t comfort people。
“Ha ha”Fuming only has the word huh,How could it be so comforting,But Long is right,It’s already like this now,I can only take a step and see。
Thought of this,Fuming suddenly knelt on the ground,The direction is facing the http://www.qhdjhpm.cn dim body of the extremely electric blue dragon in front of you,Kowtowed two outfits respectfully,Every sound makes a loud noise,Solemn look。
The extremely electric blue dragon in Fuming’s body is very puzzled“Kid what are you doing?”。
Fuming http://www.zgwhjl.cn did not speak,I didn’t speak until I slowly got up after knocking my head:“Long,I can awaken the gene lock because of you,I can survive because of you,This is great grace,I will remember for a lifetime!”
“Hehehe,I live100Many years,This is the first time someone said thank you,And still a human,You don’t have to thank me,I help you also help me”Blue Dragon’s words don’t care,But the fluctuations in the tone clearly indicate that he is not calm at the moment。
“Whether you care or not,I have taken this to heart,I will look for any way,Help you regain your body!”Fuming swears at this moment。
“Hehe,Resurrect me?I’m a monster,I am still the enemy of your humanity,You are not afraid?”
“Why be afraid,You are my benefactor,Even if we are on the opposite side”
The blue dragon was silent for a while and then spoke:“Humph,whatever,You http://www.zbqqgjk.cn should put on your shirt first,Then we should leave,correct,My name is Longyuan,Don’t be dragon,The dragon calls me”
Fuming only then noticed that he was not wearing clothes,His face turned red like a monkey butt,Blue Dragon saw his embarrassed look,Laugh in the body,He laughed and wanted to find a hole in the hole。
But I found out that there is no clothes in this place,How neat。

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