“Night General is really planning,Do you teach us such strength??”

Black puping is hesitant,No matter where,The superb sword is a mystery,And they are non-affordable,Can you really learn this superb skill??
“Why not,The power is originally used to inherit,Just I hope you use it in the correct road.。”
The night is talking,The body of the muscle big man,Start to pull the shoes on the opponent’s body。
Can shorten“Emission”,That’s afraid that the night is not very good to the emperor.,But can shorten this artifact,Even the night is also a heart。
Although the distance is not long,But this rule,Originally, it’s quite ahead.。
Muscle big man is just because of its own too,The emperor is not used at all.,If you let the night,The situation is not the same。
“Attempt,Is it too embarrassing??Actually broke this,It is estimated that it can’t be used.
I know that I just use other ways.,Dry this guy away,A white-handed http://www.yiyuanpiaohao.cn artifact。”
It’s hard to pull the shoes emperor.,I found that the shoes have been thoroughly thorny.,Can’t help but regret。
“never mind,Although it is a good emperor,But I don’t know if I can leave.,No, no.,There is still something to do next.。”
The prestigious power is solved.,Next, it is naturally rescued.。
According to the results of Lanchang,Those children should be closed in the last position。
Just let the night are confused.,So big movement just fighting,The son of the minister,There is no response,This is a bit strange.。
“Night adult,Still let me come.,In case there is any ambush”
When coming to the wooden house,Lan active opening wants to serve as a role,But it is blocked by night.。
“That should let me come,In case there is any trap,It should also be paid by the strongest strength.。”
http://www.shfriends.cn Night refused the good intention of Lan,Directly pushed。
And when he is lying in the house,Suddenly lit a secondary party in the ground,Will shroud in the night。
Moment between,Night is in the moment of being covered,Launching God“Replacement”,A round pile instead of the night position,While the square is bright,Disappeared in the room。
If it is not a night, I know in advance.,Minister’s son,The emperor held is“Shangri-La”if,Just probably。
Shangri-La,It is also one of the forty-eight emperors.,It is a special emperor that can involve space.,Have a similar transmission array,Can give people to the passive thousands of miles。
The farther the transmission,The longer it needs to be arranged,That is, because I have just been arranged.,Xiulan did not participate in the battle。
In fact, even if Esdes does not disclose http://www.taoboli.com.cn intelligence to night.,A more time,Sale will also take the initiative to make the night hook。
Capture the children of those children,It is to attract the bait of the night.。
Unfortunately, people are not as good as the day.,Their arrangement is only half,I am going to the door at night.。
Sarawak Just Yigli-La setting transfer location,It is located in the far away,Super dangerous species of nest。
In his original plan,That’s afraid of the Wei name“Andro”,Once the nest of the super dangerous species,Facing hundreds of super dangerous species,Never die without life。
But the plan is ideal,Reality is very bone,Just, he thinks that the way will,Since the other party is easy to escape。
Seeing that the plan failed,Salad does not stop,The Shangri-La in the hand starts again,This is, this time is herself.。
Alone“Andro”An enemy,He has not arrived in this level.。
Since this plan fails,Then you can only discuss from long,As long as the other party has this soft rib,Mulan has a pair of payment。
An invisible impact directly acts on a shot,Let it fly within the feet of the feet。
As early as before entering the house,Night passed“gas”Perceived the position of the Salad,This will naturally not give him an opportunity to escape.。
Shada is ready to have a move,Night is a single hand,A powerful mind force suddenly chains in the original place,Let it not move!

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