Fang Yu said。

Simultaneously,Hurry up to change clothes。
Go to Dongyu Hospital!
Jiang Waner’s situation,Not suitable to go outside!
First40chapter I am not in a hurry!
“Miss Jiang,The weather outside is so good!I should have let you out early to bask in the sun……”
In the inner garden corridor of Dongyu Hospital。
Shi Chen pushed Jiang Wan’er,In a good mood!
Jiang Waner,Finally accepting him。
What kind of doctor,Is not his opponent at all。
His goal,Jiang Wan’er is the only one。
others,Don’t care anymore!
“I feel terrible!”
Jiang Wan’er bask in the sun for a while,Suddenly roll your eyes,Muttered。
“Miss Jiang……”
Shi Chen glanced at Jiang Wan’er。
Found something wrong!

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