“Man in black?”Qing Dynasty and the beam,Each of the eyes have seen a trace of dignity from each http://www.jiao120.cnother’s eyes.。

People who are familiar with the soft sugar know,Skose is not a follow-up story,I don’t have new ideas,Just haven’t seen it yet.,Don’t move。
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NS218chapter The secret inside the dark body“formal”Meeting
“Man in black”In the tenth part of the base,owletAll members gathered together,Although it is already close to late night,But everyone is absent.,Everyone is around the table,Put a coffee cup in front of you,All stare at the figure of the black dress on the screen。
Um,Freelia,It is hot in front of her.。
“Almost all of the appearance is blocked,Only reveal a little chin,It is difficult to identify the identity of this person。”Half,Yunchukiya shook his head,“but,It can be determined.,This person is a man。”
“This is too far。”Beravé, watch the monitoring video on the http://www.dgzbwl.cn screen,Can’t help but sigh,“From his move,Is a professional training,Height is probablyleaderalmost,Fat canleaderReference for standards。”
“There is meaningless。”Franda,Digging a spoonful of fish can put it in your mouth,“leaderThis figure throws a stone in the male student in the school park, you can get ten eight,There is nothing to have a lot of things.,It’s too hard to do it.,And this person still wears a black robe,How many errors in the body’s clothes are not good?。”
Before you fall to the urban city,Franida has experienced how much dangerous experience with sister Freelia,In order to protect the sister’s safety,At that time, it was also a small child’s Franda practiced a very keenly poisonous eye.,I don’t count anything about this person’s small things.,So she has the most saying in this regard。
“Sensitive,Calm。”Franda stares with the screen on the screen. Black people walking.,“This kind of person I originally seen a lot in the mercenary.,Fighting should be strong,If you don’t consider your ability,leaderYou absolutely can’t play him,Perhaps the favorite of the flag is not an opponent.。”
“From the video,I can’t see how he entered the villa.。”Yunchuka is staring for a long time.,Brow wrinkled into a group,“But,If he has entered the villa, he did not take it.,So why this will be taken?Silent, no sound, no sound, no sound?”
“You said?”Qing Palace,“He is deliberately discovered.?”
“Very possible。”The bundle is also nodded.,“I have just taken this about this.,This person feels more like a provocation。”
“Is this?”The Qing Palace frowned,Slightly,“But,I never remember that the school city has such a way to follow this description.?”
“Hey!and many more!”The Yunchuka, which is sitting on the right side of the Qing Palace, suddenly shouted.,“leader,Don’t move。”
“Um?”It’s stunned when I’m turned over.,Turning through Yunchuyaia,“What’s wrong?”
“Don’t turn around。”Yunchukui Yai took the head of the Qing Dynasty.,Then I have been detained for a long time to the face of the Qing Palace.,Not talk。
“Hey!What is this?!”Qing Ton suddenly smirk,Can’t turn around,It is quite strange to feel strange.,Still staring for so long。
“look carefully,leaderYour chin and this person seem to be。”Yunchuku Yai smiled,“It will not be to steal the child.?”
“what?”It’s stunned when I’m turned over.。
“Hey?”Yunchuki’s words suddenly attractedowletOther people,Franda first jumped up,Beravulate,Finally, Fuffmeia is curious to join.,Four people stared at the face of the Qing Palace together,Suddenly let the Qing Palace pressure hill,Laughter。
“It’s a bit like。”Franida left and right for a while,Smile,“But the boy’s face looks almost the same.,right,Kaya?”
“Hey?”Yunchuku Yadon stunned,Face,“Why do you ask me??”
“Because Kaya looks most like adults.。”Franda whispered,Suddenly grabbed the chest of Yunchuya,Yunchukue Yama does not,When the tall in front of the chest was caught by Flanda,An array of mad。
“Hey!”Yunchuka’s face is completely red,Suddenly shouting,“Franda!what are you doing!Give me a release!砥 砥,Give me this guy away!”
“”The bundle, I look down, look at my chest.,Silently turn the head in the past,Pretend that this scene did not see。
“Why do you take my eyes??”Two people opposite,Faliya efforts trying to open the hands of the Qing Palace,“What is this?!”
“Children don’t want to see this!”The Qing Palace is righteous,The head that can be turned, but it is still moving from time to time.。
“what!!!!”Yunchuku Asian joy screamsowletIn the base,Continuously with something broken,Flavor,The world is quiet。
Flan Dado,The hands of the hands are just taken by Yunchukaia,The evil eyes are still echoating in the chest of Yunchuya, who is holding the chest.,The Qing Palace opposite Flanders is not an expression.,The head is buckled with a coffee cup on the dripping coffee.。
http://www.chaoke365.cn “You are enough to feed!”Qing Palace,A coffee cup picking up,“What is the relationship with me?!Why deduct my coffee?!”
“Are you not watching in the Qing Palace??”Franda looks disdain looks at the Qing Palace,“People are touched, you are normal.,Be careful, I tell the third place.!”
Qing Palace:“???”
“Do you touch it?!?”Yunchuka Ya Ya is ashamed to look at Franda,“You are a metamorphosis?”
“Well,You are still used to this kind of thing”Franda smiled,“You look at the third side,Not always following a metamorphosis little girl?,So you still have to habits.。”
Say is a black child.?It must be a black child.?Clear angle of the Qing Dynasty,Now that even the Flanders, they all know that they are metamorphosis.?

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