“Do you want to stop playing for a day??”

“Don’t,Go directly to Dunhuang。”
“Don’t buy a melon??”
“The melon city of the city is also delicious.。”
“That line。”
There is no objection。
After entering the Hexi corridor,Sure enough, there is more feelings.。Because this land is almost all difficulty mountains,Only this in the mountain range‘Pitch’To the Western Region,Is a natural channel,So get the famous West River Corridor,So even if it is modern,The construction of the road is basically constructed http://www.hztpysyx.cn along this channel.,Mountain and water on both sides have passed by。
Most of the names have not been changed.。
But feeling is also limited。
Zhou Zhi to speculate how much,There is no long standing in these places.。
For example, the multi-color Danxia Scenic Area in the past few days,Have a lot of monster inside,Even a monster recognized,But the sect is not recognized,They are not familiar。
Slightly pause,Zhou Zhou:“But still have to find a place for lunch。”
“You are open.,I am going to get。”
槐 starts to play with the phone,I want to sell at all。
Not long,The scent of the food is floating,Zhouzhi thought it was taken.,The result is looking back,It is a farmer’s soil and a rice porcelain basin.,Component is full,In addition, there is a rice rice cooker.。
“Xiao Zheng。”槐 序,“Fragrant?”
http://www.zbqqgjk.cn “……fragrant。”
“hold on,I went to take a table and chair,You find a spacious place to stop,We will eat on the side of the road.。”
After a few minutes。
They have been folded on the roadside。
槐 序 离 离,While 饭:“I used to walk from here.,It’s like this to dinner.,Eat on the roadside。Just that there is no such good condition at that time.,I can’t eat hot meals,Dedicated,Looking for a back wind, sit down and eat,I am bothering to die.,But no way,Otherwise it is hungry,Sometimes you encounter wild animals,Can add a meal……”
Listen to the side of the left。
槐 序 序 他,It’s rushing to the mountains and snow.:“Sometimes it will hurry in the winter.,Generally, the soldiers will not be in winter,We are different,We have to go out in winter.,I told you that it is cold to die.,Laozi is sometimes gas,I really want to kill the emperor to give that stupid emperor.……”
“Why didn’t you do this??”
“I can not,Because of stupid,I feel that the emperor is not working.,The emperor is the emperor。”
“This way.。”
“Do you not believe that I can slaize emperor??”
“not at all。”

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