This morning,Han Jiang after the standard,Go to the destination。

When the arrival site,Seeing the dead group in the scene is falling into a chaotic。
There is a moving figure in the dead group.,Each time you touch a dead, no more than a few seconds,The land will not be in the end.。
“I know you,You are the new female Wu of the camp.。”The knife in the sakura is hiejaji,Several slanders standing around still have burst out of the ground。
The sound of eight heavy cherry is very calm,The dead here is completely destroyed,Needless to continue to stay。
First encountered Yi Lai,The next step is hit into eight cherry。
Compared with these,Nothing to find enough dead core, there is nothing。
Han Jiang looked at the back of the eight cherry,Enjoy courage:“Why do you want to do these??”
“I am just doing something that I can.,As long as I eliminate the human and monster of evil and monsters.,Civilians are less than harmful probability。”Eight hoses are not replied。
“Don’t think about giving me a capture,You don’t have that strength。”
As the presence of the law,The strength of the eight major cherry is higher thanAclass,achieveSLevel of female gods。
The witch who lived for five hundred years known,The current human has an endless resort。
She understands itself is a special existence,Want to grab the number of people who have studied,So she has always been willing to approach modern humanity。
Although the long-term market has no civilians,Can be the responsibility of the eight heavy cherry still,Eliminate evil things。
“kill him,Otherwise, our traces will expose sooner or later.,Will bring us endless trouble,Anyway, you have already covered with human blood as long as I.,Don’t need to kill one or less kill one。”A huge dark fox appeared in the hearts of eight heavy cherry,I am inducing her to kill Hanjiang。
Heart in the field,Only a simple single word that answers the huge fox。
Chapter XXII Someone is waiting for me
“I don’t want to take your thoughts.,I”Han Jiang shouted behind。
Eight borders slowly,The mood seems to be affected by the huge demon fox in the field,The eyes are somewhat cold。
“I just want to ask you.,Why eliminate collapse and dead,One life is here。”Han Jiang hurriedly asked。
No matter how high the appearance of the eight cherry,Han Jiang knows that she will not take the initiative to hurt others.。
“A city that happens in this crash,Another person silently eliminates collapse,Don’t you lonely??”
Hanjiang’s voice makes eight heavy hearts“Boggle”A。
Yes,For so many years,She has been pursuing someone。
Wink in the past five hundred years,Human Ming has a very large change,I actually still want to stick with the original idea。
“Rapida killed this big kid,He is in your own words,In delay time。He must contact other people with a weird instrument.,Snoop!”Huge fox constantly roaring,Let eight heavy cherry。
“I am a witch,Protecting civilians is my duty。”Eight secrets are quiet to Hanjiang:“and also,I am not lonely,Someone has been waiting for me.。”
Eight cherry turned,No other words。
Han Jiang slightly shakes his head,Kick the stone on the foot。
“So fast,What did you do?,Be sure to use other students to help you kill the taxi,Finally, let them give you points, is it?!”
Qi Yan’s voice sounded in the Hanjiang ear through the communication channel.,Called with the teeth in the virtual scene。

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