“Oh, Xiao Kong,It’s really chasing Liang Aihua.。”Summer http://www.99lebao.cn eyes are surprised,“I remember the middle school,You will love the girlfriend,That’s our class flower.。”

When,Banhua is not the most beautiful girl,But the best girls learn the achievements。
At that time they,Did not open the ideas of open today。
Wang Xiaogang has some Haoran,I grasp the head like a big boy.,Just smile,Some proud。
Wang Xiaoying,Some dissatisfied,Cool sniper。
Summer is coming,Laugh,“How about Xiaoye?”
Facing summer shallow smile,Why,Wang Xiaoying face,It is twisting pinch,Want to say。
“This is blame me.。”
Wang Xiaogang took the words,Smile,“I am going to get married and love.,They ask me to have a house in the township.,You also know the situation of our family,My parents do the best in the West,I finally got a money.,I bought a house here.。”
Toned,His bitter color http://www.sasann.cn is even more。
“But I didn’t expect it.,We have set a marriage period,But love to spending that they have said that there are too little gifts before.,Need to add money eight million,If I can’t get it,Do not let love to marry me,For this matter,Love flower is not less than I quarrel。”
Summer eyes flash,“So you borrow money from those people.?”
“no。”Wang Xiaogang shook his head,I want to continue to say,Suddenly thought of,Some worry,“Xiao Tian,Just now, those who are mixed is Wu Jie.,You still remember Wujie.,After graduating from his junior high school, he mixed in the township.,And mixed a small name,Those billiards table,There is also that and sauna
All is his。”
“Is him。”
Summer is in summer,The face of a sharp monkey。
The guy is a bad boy.,Also repaired by summer。
At this time,Wang Xiaogang,“Seeing the wedding period getting closer,Love flowers and quarrel with me,Ask me, don’t you marry her?,I am sure I am willing.,But I can’t get so much money.,Cute flower tells me,Wujie met her day.,Say that I am willing to help me……”
Wu Jie and Liang Aihua are natural and classmates.。
A certain day,Two people encounter,Hour of chat,Wu Jie told Liang Aihua,Say that I will borrow money to Wang Xiaogang this old classmate。
But there is a condition,That is Wang Xiaoying to go to work.。
Wang Xiaogang is certainly unwilling,He is very clear about Wujie.,Obviously。
But he didn’t expect,Liang love flower after an event,Tell this matter directly to Wang Xiaoying。
“Then Xiao Ying personally found Wu Jie,Promise to come here to work?”Summer frown,“Wujie gives you money?”
Wang Xiaogang still shook his head,Rotate,“But yesterday,Love flower tells me,Said that they don’t have to give gifts in my family.。”
Toned,He looked at the http://www.wxruilimr.cn sister.,“Stupid,When I was young, I was so forth.,Greater the same,How can you come to this ghost??Brother is not married,Can’t ruin you.!”
“elder brother……”
Wang Xiaoying’s mouth,Eyelid。
“Xiao Ying is not stupid,But simple。”Summer is like a child,In the crown of Wang Xiaoyang,Suddenly let her hair mess。
“Xiao Ying,You found Wu Jie at the time.,How did you talk to him??”
Wang Xiaoying looked at the summer,The memory is in the eye。
At that time, I follow my brother.,Three days, two heads to the mountains,Every time I play a whole day.,Only following my brother going home。
Although most of the time,The two boys don’t care about themselves.,But now I think,Still full of happiness。
“I,I just said with him.,Willing to come here to work。”

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