“Yunjie,Why don’t we tell Sheng family directly??I have to go on the old man in the old man.?!”Fenyi eats,Do not understand。

She really doesn’t understand,The grand family is so evil, the cloud sister in the cloud sister.,Harm to death,She wants her,Directly go home,It’s okay.,Why do you want to turn around??!
Fenyi is four years ago,She is on the road when she hurried‘Pick’of,After,I always said that I have no family.,Never follow Yunqin,then,It became a close-fitted maid of Yunqin.。
And Fenyi knows what,It is also in the past two years,Yunqin began to prepare the revengement of the original master,I checked the grand family to find out the genius。
original,The original mother of the year,It is a lot of Bazaar,Shengjia is currently a homeowner personally married home。
but,The grandmaster is a romantic,Before using the original mother,I have already had two love.。One of the most favored one,Nowaday, Mrs. Sheng。
then,Mrs. Sheng thought it was,I have a first son for the grand least son.,Will be carried out as a grand mother,But don’t want to kill a halfway‘Junction’,Be the mother of the original mother。
Still a sorrowful lady, of course, uncomfortable,Dish hate for the original mother。
then,Planning a conspiracy,Designed to make Sheng master lost interest in the original mother,trust,Until gave disgust。
Everything,Smooth unbelievable,The cold-lost original lady is full of depths,If it is not pregnant with the original master,Have some hopes,Probably depressed。
only,Mrs. Zhaosheng can’t think of,Greater conspiracy,Because of her pregnancy,Follower。
Just in the original main mother,Mrs. Sheng bought a hair,It has made it difficult to produce an accident for the original http://www.yonganair.cn mother.。
And the original,Because it is a girl,And the body is weak,The Mrs. Sheng felt that he could not have a threat to himself.,This is reluctant to escape a robbery。
only,Mrs. Sheng looked at the original Lord, the more the original mother,I saw it uncomfortable in my heart.,I have a quick thought for a child.。
I don’t know where to find a variety of strange poisons.,Three days, two heads gave the original master。
Probably don’t want to watch a long‘Enemy’The face of the face is easy to die.,Save the heart of the torture,Mrs. Sheng gave the poison under the original,Basically, it will not be fatal immediately.,But it is better to die than to die.。
In addition, the original mother is not good.,Before the death,It seems to use the whole body strength,Formerly plastic,This will make the original Lord so much http://www.15banglun.cn toxic.。
Behind,See the original Lord is still dead,Mrs. Sheng was afraid of the original toxic to the end.,What is your own finding,Directly created a human accident,Let the original owner‘Be turned away’,then,The original Lord has been directly thrown into the black blind forest。
No one will think,A three-year-old child will survive in the black forest,so,Mrs. Sheng is very relieved.。But I don’t want to have a good luck in the North.,This has something happened behind.。
Recovery,Yun Qin raised his face from the bowl,A high side:“You do not understand!Eat your meal!”
Today, she does deliberately appear in front of the venter.,The purpose is to let the family,Or the grandparents know,Her existence!
The original memory,At the beginning, the grand family could remember the original,It is because this face is like the http://www.yikexi.cn old lady’s face.,Plus the strength of the original,I will let the family have used the mind.。
now,The family already knows her existence.,Next,That is to let the grandpother,Her body has a black auction.!
Fenyi frightened,Still can’t think of what is the purpose of Yunqin?,Sorry does not want to,Happy to continue to eat your own meals。
Forget it,This matter,Yunjie thought is,She is responsible for taking care of Yunjie,Let Yun Jie happy,Give the cloud sister to hurt the hurt!
These few years,Yun Qin can always take Finyi to the side,In addition to Fenyi is indeed a little helper,Fenyi is easy to meet,Pure character,Also let Yunqin like。
Both people ate meals,Go back to your room to rest。
Back to the room,Yun Qin did not sleep immediately,But start meditation,This is the habit of Yunqin in these years.。
Six years,Yunqin’s strength,On the entire continent,Although it is not a number of days,But the top masters of young generations,Still have a fight。
late at night,Before falling asleep,A rummer is transmitted outside the window,Yun Qin is keen to open the eyes,Mouth angle,An unfair tone pass,The window is again transmitted again,A black shadow drifting into the room,In front of Yunqin。
“master!”A dark black shadow respectfully hugs the boxing ceremony。
“Can you have any news??”Yunqin asked。
“Yan family,Yan Youjiang is indeed a few reasons for two years ago.,I haven’t returned to the teacher now.。Miss, Miss, Miss Ling’an, married Fengjia Lord a year ago。”
“Fujia Master,Fu Lin once appeared in two weddings,Then the post-outside world does not have this person,I want to go back to the teacher.,Not coming out。”
Finish,Black shadow,The sound becomes some difficult。
“As for the news of North Shiyun,master,This master,We really don’t know what useful news!”
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast

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