To spread hard knowledge "After"

Original title: In the case of a smart knowledge "After the Lord", the Lord "Luo Xiang said the Criminal Law" won the 哩 哔 website (hereinafter referred to as B Station) 2020 "highest popularity" award.

With Luo Xiang’s online popularity, the award can be said to be named. The legal person explains the criminal law in a personality, making people refreshing, and can say new models of law communication or law in the network era. From a broader sense, the intellectual area of ??Luo Xiang as a UP master is also worthy of attention to Luo Xiang himself.

On the B station, compared to plates, ghost animals, games, etc., the intellectual area just set up last year is called "back waves". As the name suggests, the content of this area is "knowledge", and many of the "hard knowledge" and even "cold knowledge" in the professional field. In addition to criminal law, there are financial, game theory, literature, philosophy, animal and plant, including some lives common sense. The knowledge of all subject categories can almost find traces here.

There is data display. In the past 12 months, there have been nearly 100 million users to watch knowledge video in B.

It has been shown that the Eleventh Chinese Citizens’ Quality Sampling survey released by the China Science Association has shown that in 2020, my country’s citizen has reached the proportion of scientific qualities, and completes the "13th Five-Year" expectation development goals.

Some experts believe that my country’s citizens’ quality levels have entered the ranks of innovative countries, and the overall scientific quality development will enter a new stage. Citizens ‘understanding of science is the core indicators of citizens’ quality investigation, including "knowledge" and "capabilities".

It can be seen that the B station intensity is later with a deep social foundation. The major audiovisual new media platforms have met the knowledge in their own main content in recent years, and also meet with the trend of my country’s citizens’ quality.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Zhino has a famous knowledge circle theory. The more knowledge is more knowledge, the more it will feel ignorance.

That is to say, for knowledge, the more people think it is.

The improvement of knowledge will have to bring stronger knowledge needs.

This should be the general law of knowledge communication.

However, how to meet this need, let the knowledge supply and demand effectively dock the quality, so that the overall knowledge of society is entered into a benign circulation, it depends on the innovative iteration of knowledge communication methods. A great advantage of the Internet is to establish a massive knowledge base to hand back the power to seek and accept knowledge. We can accurately take each need according to your own interests. Thus, unlimited knowledge and limited energy have obtained the most efficient docking method.

In particular, the B station is equal, and the knowledge production and communication mechanism of users can produce content, through personality, instant, and socialize, give the original book, "hard knowledge" on the class gives a strong network feeling. . It also has a common knowledge needs and interested interest as a link, forming a knowledge sharing network community, making knowledge gain more happier. All such uses make knowledge output and accept the new era characteristics. It can be said that we are entering an era of knowledge "smart communication".

No matter from knowledge sharing itself, it is undoubtedly happy.

However, it is necessary to point out that in the face of knowledge "Internet", the role of "putting the door" as a platform, how to accurately identify the gold content of knowledge, how to verify the qualifications of knowledge providers, how to establish science Knowledge push mechanism, and how to protect and play the information of the Internet, improve the logging and analysis of the mechanism, ensure that the green-harmful high-quality knowledge is seriously thoughtful in online communication.

This will open up a better future for the knowledge of the knowledge of the Internet age.

(Editor: Song Xin Rui, Yan Shuai) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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