Trip conflict 25 Taiyuan Yingze Public Security is 120 million yuan for enterprises

People’s Network Taiyuan November 11th (Zhu Ziyang) On November 10th, Taiyuan Public Security held the press conference of "I am doing a practical thing for the masses".

Xu Enwei, member of the Party Committee and Political Office of Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau, said Xu Enwei, director of the Political Office, said that the Yingze Branch deepened into 130 companies and investigated 25 contradictions and disputes, and saved the economy to recover 120,000 yuan.

The Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau Yingze Branch is based on "satisfaction with the masses, happy and unhappy, and does not agree" as the starting point, collect the "hurry" problem. Each member of the Party Committee of the Branch will lead the leader to grasp an unforgettable project and go deep into the grassroots to understand the demands of the masses and carry out investigation and visiting activities to listen to cadres.

A total of invited the General Congress of the CPPCC and other organizations to convene 11 consecutive symposia, and issued 90 comments, and seeking 179 advice, and 63.

At the same time, surround the "people-centered" development thoughts, organize global window personnel training and improve service level.

And launch the provision of priority services, establish a "Special Emission" mechanism, carry out policies such as service delivery, etc., and the introduction of the delay office, green channel, and financial services, etc. Since the launch of the office, 126 service people have been taken. In addition, in order to better fulfill the prevention, service management, standardizing law enforcement, etc. 43 intersections of 16 major traffic trunks around the campus, improve the passivity of the peak period of up and down; build 1 + 2 + 3 + n patrol prevention and control mode, all-day police street, social security continues to be good, police love The same period has decreased%; each police station relying on the school, enterprises and other units to carry out 130 safety prevention lectures, and visit the households to post publicity posters, issued more than 200,000 propaganda orders, relying on WeChat into group propaganda covers more than 30,000 districts The special action of "breaking the case, the people’s livelihood" is a special action, and it is necessary to set up a fight against rectification, and strive to save the people to the economic losses.

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