Wangjiang County Huangmei Opera Mission to send a play to college

Recently, I just removed the "Cai Zhongxian" powder, "Cai Zhongxian" powder, the "Cai Zhongxian" powder, and the dust servant rushed to the provincial capital, and implemented the provincial party propaganda department, the Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall. Notice, carry out the 2021 campus stage, "Hui Feng Yun" into college activities, is committed to promoting the spread and popularization of China’s outstanding traditional culture in colleges and universities. Wangjiang County Huangmei Opera Mission is a national "Double Service" Excellent Hospital Group, Anhui Province "Send Wan Village" Advanced Hospital Mission, Anqing City Professional Literature Group Social Benefit Appraisal First County Level.

They have always payded attention to the synchronous benefits of public welfare and business dual performance mission, so the "sending the play into colleges" is more well known to the majority of inheritance responsibility, the glory of the task. To this end, Wangjiang County Huangmei Opera Troupe raised the power of the whole group, confidential planning, rigorous, and carefully selected Huangmei play classic repertoire "Tianxian with" "female horses" and Huangmei traditional small show "Huangfu" "Drama" and excellent The modern Huangmei small show "Between the neighborhood" and adhering to a comprehensive small drama such as "Pharmaceutical", "Pharmaceutical", "Dragonfly", as a full-minded drama of the campus, aims to let the ivory tower Accept the aesthetic influence of classic art, let excellent Huangmei opera art roots in the campus in the Wola gem. At the same time, more and more students will enter the theater, and add more youthful colors to the traditional Chinese culture art. When I walked into the Anhui International Business Vocational College, the first performance "Tianxian" live broadcast, the audience clicked to 10,000.

The first round has entered the Anhui Auditing Vocational College, Anhui Press and Publication Vocational and Technical College. The second round will come into the Anhui Forestry Vocational and Technical College and Anhui Public Security Vocational College. Every time you are all received by the school leadership and the warm welcome and enthusiasm of the teachers and students.

Each of each school is strictly in accordance with the "epidemic" prevention and control requirements, the measurement temperature, the wearing mask is in order to enter the field in order.

What is even more warm is that the students actively actively actively actively, assist in handling clothing props, audio equipment, decorative stages, a harmonious collaboration of harmony, and build a bridge of friendship. Despite the early winter, encounter an open-air performance, actor makeup, band sound, all in the wind, the night turn, the unloading stage did not call hard, even the night is still the spirit, the actors are in the plot, according to the plot needs Shaping the character is meticulous, full of youthful vitality.

The students did not turn their eyes at the table, and they were agreed. At the top of the stage, the interaction is enthusiastic and climax. "Hui Feng Yun" into the campus, like the winter warm Yang sent Huangmei flavor, sprinkled with campus, showing Huangmei Opera is a wonderful flower of China’s outstanding traditional culture, gorgeous, and endless.

At the same time, the drama and the campus, which allow the Chinese national cultural cultures to be endless, and (哲 华) (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.

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