Xi Jinping’s story 丨 "Zhaoyuan" industry

  He started from his hand and made a backward feudal small town into "China’s first first city" and promoted the process of China’s national industrial development.

  He intends to make an industry, pour in school, with business research, and wealth in a lifetime, all for social services.

  This person is Zhang Wei.

  How do Xi Jinping’s general secretary evaluated him? In that turmoil, how do Zhang Wei, "the power of entrepreneurship, the human being"? The "story telling the story" in this issue "is close to Zhang Wei and feel the initiative of this nation entrepreneur. Zhang Wei, was born in Jiangsu Haimen in 1853, his father upholds the ancient training of "cultivating and reading", I hope that the child will change family fate through reading. Zhang Wei was sent to private learning, but his entry is not smooth.

Until 1894, 41-year-old Zhang Wei was high. However, the Qing court that the wind and rain will make Zhang Wei, "Slim Strike, the family, the country to govern the country," has become unclear.

He believes that "the country is not strong, rich in unusual industry", so he quickly formed his own ideas, ready to return to his hometown.

  In 1895, Zhang Wei established the Great Squadron Factory in Tang Jiaqi.

He started from scratch, solved the equipment, technology, talents and other issues one by one. In this way, it has established a criminal oil plant, printing plant, etc., and built a industrial chain with cotton textile industry as the core, and further developed transportation, finance And other industries.

  Zhang Wei succeeded from the business, but always made the ideal of the world. In 1903, he founded the first private nature of China – Tongzhou Normal School, began to enroll.

He deliberately wrote the school motto of "hard self-reliance, loyal", reflecting the education thoughts of advocating realism and paying attention to practices. Zhang Wei founded the first public museum in Nantong – Nantong Museum, and wrote a pair of couplets – "Set as a school to teach, the name of the bird and beast", fully reflecting him to establish Nantong The original intention of the Museum.

  Zhang Wei purses the "education strong country, industry strong country" dream, inspiring us to enhance the love of love, act as social responsibility, and promote greater contribution to high quality development in order to build new development patterns.

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