2025 to train highly skilled personnel training more than two million people

Original title: the 2025 training training highly skilled personnel has more than two million people, Human Resources and Social Security issued "technical education" Fourteen five "plan" (the "Plan") proposed to 2025 the basic form of craft education system more perfect, more rational, more prominent features, size and quality of skilled personnel training more fit the needs of economic and social development of a good situation. Human Resources and Social Security person in charge, "planning" a total of seven full text section 23, located five columns, including the promotion of training highly skilled personnel to improve the capacity, strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, and promote coordinated development of high-quality technical education content.

"Fourteen Five-Year" period, my country’s size and quality of training skilled personnel What are the main goals to be achieved? "Planning" is set four main specific indicators to form columns, one in cumulative culture training students in the scale of not less than 360 million people, and second, graduate employment rate remained at 97%, the third is more than 200 million highly skilled personnel four workers and employment-oriented enterprises focus groups vocational skills training of not less than 20 million people. In addition, the "planning" also made a series of construction projects around the index mechanic schools.

For example, take 30 周 技 教 教 基, select 300 high-quality mechanic colleges, 500 high-quality professional, build 100 left and right technical education alliance (group), new, change (expand) 100 A left and right technical institutions and vocational training institutions, developed, selected 1500 kinds of technical education planning materials, select 100 left and right technical education digital resource construction and application excellent institutions. In terms of school-enterprise cooperation, "plan" put forward continued to expand school-enterprise cooperation form and content, including the initiative to attract industries and enterprises deeply involved in planning the professional mechanic schools, curriculum, materials development, teaching implementation, cooperation to build a new specialty, the development of new curriculum carry out order training; school-enterprise cooperation to build a platform for personnel training and employment needs of institutions closely and so on. Human Resources and Social Security Ministry official said, "Fourteen" period, technical colleges and universities will be developed into an important platform to carry out the school system education and vocational training skilled personnel growth, an important component of modern vocational education system, building skills-based society relying important building.

In recent years, the scale of my country continues to expand technical education, school system more mature, more prominent school characteristics, highly recognized by employers and parents of students.

By the end of 2020, there were artisan colleges 2423 (of which 496 Technician College), students million people each year for the community vocational training over four million people. (Reporter Yao Yaqi) (Editor: Zhang Ruolin (intern), according to Li ring) share to allow more people to see.

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