Fuding focuses to build a national tourism "gold necklace": View Sightseeing Sightseeing Area

Original title: Scene Attractions Attraction Interception Area Deep Autumn Fu Ding, bathing in Tongshan Creek in the morning, the pavilion, the pavilion, the pavilion, and the green creek, dozens of egrets are low along the water.

A group of tourists from Shanghai or a photo of the photo, or a laughter, can’t help but admire: "The mountain is good in the mountains, and it is better to travel.

"In July of this year, Fuding opened the new journey of the construction of Shayuwan Ecology, Shawan Bay, China, firmly moved to the ecological priority, the road to green development, continued to build an mountain, waterfront, facial sea, and roundabout. Specialty urban ecosystem, building "Shili Tongxi" Fu Culture Corridor, built a group of mountain sea parks, wetland parks, and enhance urban ecological livability.

  It is the mother river of Fuding, Yushan Waterfront. In recent years, Fuding has invested hundreds of millions of yuan. It continued to build a city ecosystem center-centered urban ecosystem centered on "Shili Cree", and built a tide park, spiritual mountain water, 3D water curtains, Huan Tongshanxi slow road.

Effective integration into the tourism elements during the implementation of the project, becoming a special network red card point.

  "掬水 映 白云, the window flowers."

"This is the most intuitive impression of the city of Fuding. In these years, with the construction of Tie, Baisheng, Bay and other new districts, Fuding City has been extended from square kilometers to 31 square kilometers, and the establishment of greening The coverage is%, the green space rate of the construction area, the per capita park has a square square meter, the city air is 100%, the water quality ratio of urban drinking water supply is 100%.

  Haihai Huanwan, a strong distant village, the village of the country, the mountains and the beautiful Yoshan Island are looking forward to the sea. Most of the houses in the village are built with the hillside of the sea. Shore.

The distinctive features of the sea, listening to the sea, Yunhai Pavilion, Shanhai Jinxiu and other style, not only listening to the sea, but also watch the sunrise.

  The Tunmen Township Township is a fulcrum, sharing resources, and connects the industrial and economic development of Tang, Ruiyun Tea Travel Industry and Fishing Cells. Among them, Ruiyun Village is "畲" as the media, builds beautiful 畲 village; Tangjia is in the form of "company + cooperative + farmers", vigorously develops ecological organic tea gardens, and two villages jointly build "畲 乡 生 生 白茶" brand; Fishing Village A distinctive boutique demonstration zone with distinctive development theme, forming a "畲乡 风情 · 村 村 听 听 涛" rural tourism development closed loop.

Last year, Ruiyun Village "畲 畲 风 游" started the scale, the village collective economic income reached 10,000 yuan; Nearly 200,000 visitors were received throughout the year, and the village collective economic income reached 10,000 yuan, with a per capita income of 5,000 yuan. In February, Shuanghua Song is bright, March, the peach blossom, May beach play sandy waves … Yearly four seasons, Fuding Tourism Highlights have come.

At the Fuding National Tourism Development Symposium, the Mayor of Fuding City said that Fuding will use Fuding to use the cultural advantages, the resource advantages and location advantages, and make up the "eat and live tour" short board, implementation " Travel + "strategy, speed up scenery, attractions, and build" gold necklace "in the whole country. (Reporter Military Correspondent Cai Xueling) (Editor: Chen Chuchu, Chen Lanyan) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.

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