Buy imported cold chain food to select "three performance" products

Original title: Buying imported cold chain food selection "Three Performance" products "Recently, some of the new championships of some goods were positive, as well as netizens, due to contact with the incidental package," Yesterday, taro What are the precautions when collecting express delivery, Municipal Word Control Center Emergency Office Director Fan Shuangfeng made a reminder: 1. Before receiving express, you should do a good personal protection, wear mask, disposable gloves, it is recommended to prepare to reduce wipes; 2. When you receive a delivery, Avoid the peak of the people, it is recommended to charge express from the express cabinet to avoid contact surface to face. Try to scan the code to pick up the number of people. When picking up, you don’t touch your eye nose; Abandoned cartons, waste should not let children and pets come into contact, and the unpacking express delivery is properly handled as soon as possible as soon as possible.

After all are completed, wash your hands in time, disinfection; 4. When purchasing imported food, especially when importing cold chain food, you should purchase "three certificates" (customs quarantine certificate, nucleic acid testing and disinfection certificate); 5. Inform you that the food received or edited is involved in the new food, immediately report to the community, preserve the inclusive food, and cooperate with relevant departments to implement prevention and control measures.

(Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Jingyu) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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