Beijing Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Area allows foreign investment literary performance groups

People’s Daily Online Beijing October 26 (Dong Zhai) This morning, Beijing Implementation of the State Council’s Temperature Press Conference.

The reporter learned that after this adjustment is regulations, Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone will allow foreign-invested cultural performance groups (subject to China Holdings). It is understood that the State Council decided to temporarily adjust the laws and regulations in Beijing, including two clauses involving cultural and tourism areas, one is to adjust the "Regulations on Business Performance", and the adjustment content is "in Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Area, Allow foreign investment literary performance groups (must be controlled by China "; Second, the" Travel Agency Ordinance "is adjusted, and the adjustment content is" Allowing foreign investment travel agencies to establish and eligible for the except for except Taiwan. " For the significance of these regulations, Zhou Weizin, the first-level inspector of the Beijing Wenke Bureau, said that the adjustment and regulation is conducive to the construction of Beijing an international consumer center city with global influence, consolidating Beijing International Consumer Center City Cultural Root, Meet the multi-sample and multi – level spiritual cultural needs of the people, and promote the improvement of the new consumption of the text.

At the same time, it is conducive to expanding the new consumption of consumption, especially the new spending, enhancing the fundamental role of consumption on the economic development of Beijing, and playing good investment, especially the key role of attracting foreign capital on the economic development of Beijing. In addition, it is conducive to the realization of urban deputy center cultural tourism function positioning, promoting the exchange of exchanges of Chinese and foreign cultural performance groups, playing a good role in Beijing Global Resort, promoting Tongzhou Grand Canal to create a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot and Zhangjiawan design Town, Taikhu Performing Arts Town and Songzhuang Art Town and other specialty small towns and differentiated high quality development.

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