The built -in rice seedling centers in Banan District can breed 5,000 acres of rice seedlings in one season

Banan Daily (reporter Rosa, a reporter from Banan Rong Media Center) Recently, the reporter learned from the Agricultural and Rural Committee of Banan District, Chongqing that in order to better promote the mechanized production of the whole process of rice and solve the problem of seedlings of small farmers. This year, Banan The district built a 10,000 -square -meter rice commercial seedling centers.

The staff is packing the seedlings.

According to Rosa, a reporter from Banan Rong Media Center, the seedling center is located in Shidan Town, with 1 connected greenhouse greenhouse and 12 sunlight greenhouses, a total of 750 square meters. Circtering sports seedlings, seedlings transportation belts, mobile seedbeds, automatic spray irrigation systems, self -driving power spray machines and other advanced agricultural machinery.

Rice Commodity Morningcation Center. According to Rosa, a reporter from Banan Rong Media Center, the seedling center can raise 5,000 acres of rice seedlings in the first season. Through trial operation this year, it has successfully cultivated more than 1,300 acres, and the seedlings are high.

At present, more than 500 acres of seedlings have been sold to local farmers. So is it cost -effective to buy seedlings? The reporter learned that the farmers ‘handling of seedlings 1 acres of fields only needed to buy 13-14 plates from the seedling center, and the cost was 130-140 yuan; the farmers’ own seedlings themselves cost around 170 yuan per mu.

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