Folk love transmits Shenzhen Hong Kong to join hands to resist the disease

  Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, March 13 (Reporter Wang Feng) The fifth wave of new crown pneumonia in Hong Kong has continued to develop, affecting the hearts of the mainland people.

In the face of difficulties, Shenzhen and Hong Kong’s folk forces actively actively launched civil aid activities in Hong Kong to help Hong Kong fight against the epidemic.

  On March 4th, the Bay Area Innovation Alliance in Shenzhen and the "Anti -Epidemic Removal Circle" in Hong Kong and the "Hong Kong Community Anti -Epidemic Circle" jointly launched the "Together with each other" activities.

As of the 10th, the event raised a total of 20,000 "family epidemic prevention and love packages" in Hong Kong. At present, 4,000 "home epidemic prevention and love packages" have arrived in Hong Kong.

  This batch of "family epidemic prevention and love packages" contains disposable medical surgical masks, adult KN95 masks, children’s KN95 masks, nucleic acid test agents, masks, gloves, protective clothing, etc., each can meet the one -month usage of a family of Hong Kong. Yin Lefang, head of the Bay Area Safety Emergency Industry Innovation Alliance, introduced that the event planned 30,000 "family epidemic prevention and love packages", 20,000 "family life love packages", and 2000 "volunteer epidemic and love packages".

Among them, the "family life love package" contains rice, noodles, fast food lunch, canned food, biscuits, egg rolls, etc., which aims to solve the needs of the daily life of grass -roots residents in Hong Kong; Scarf, disposable raincoat, umbrella, disposable medical surgical mask, adult KN95 mask, nucleic acid testing agent, mask, gloves, protective clothing, etc. At present, 100,000 "family life love bags" have been urgently customized and are expected to be sent to Hong Kong in about a week. "There are many loving companies and individuals who call us one after another, hoping to participate in this event.

Calls in the office, you can pick up more than ten minutes at most. "Yin Lefang said.

  The aid of Hong Kong is underway. Volunteers first arranged to collect the material needs of Hong Kong residents to determine the list of personnel; the event organization organized the social fundraising, and registered, screening, and sorting the donations of all parties to report to the material coordination group; The party conducts a qualification review, guides them to carry out materials, and arranges follow -up customs declaration and customs clearance procedures to quickly transport materials to Hong Kong. Finally, the raised materials will be sent to Hong Kong residents’ homes in Hong Kong. Love supplies came from all directions to Shenzhen, then departed from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, and sent them to the hands of Hong Kong citizens. According to Yin Lefang, the Bay Area Safety Emergency Industry Innovation Alliance currently leads nearly 20 NGOs and more than 20 companies to participate in this love response, and the value of donations has exceeded 200 million yuan. "Ren the wind and rain, we will help we all help!" She said. (Responsible editor: Liu Jieyan, Yang Mu) Share let more people see it.

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