Look up and see me,Guo Jinhai was also very surprised,That kid is actually wearing a purple costume,I guess it was badly exposed to the sun,His skin has also become pitch black,And there is a scar on his face,It is probably a memorial left by Mr. Monkey。

I noticed the guys in fancy clothes around him,They are strong and muscular,Among these people is Xiao Zhu,The eyes he looked at me were especially vicious,There was a tall and abrupt foreign man standing at the end,There seems to be a blade hidden in his deep blue eyes,Glanced at me coldly!
I rub!Guo Jinhai has reached the sacred tree!Did Tyrannosaurus stay with him??I remember Wang Jun said that they have gone deep into the Pirate Zone of the Inner Island,Why are you here again?Do they go and come back?Why didn’t the old turtle tell me these things?
Looking back at the old turtle,See his face calm,Suddenly understood,Guo Jinhai must have concealed his identity when he went to Shenshu!They won’t be so stupid to expose their home to the old turtle!
It’s not that the enemy doesn’t get together,But I never expected to meet in such an embarrassing scene!
Chapter Two Hundred and Five Enemy meet
Step forward towards Guo Jinhai,The guy turned alertly and walked into the hut,Several other guys stepped forward and blocked me!
Xiao Zhu came over and pushed me viciously:“Hang Mao to stop,Why are you here?What are you doing in such a fancy dress??Is this going to make a movie?”
His push can’t touch me at all,That kid was a little surprised,Raise your eyes and look at me:“Okay,I haven’t seen you in a few days!”
“Let Guo Jinhai get out and see me!”I said to Xiao Zhu lightly。
“Ouch,Your face is so big!Do you know who we are, Shao Guo??He is now a demigod in this place!Do you know what a demigod is?I’ll give you popular science,The demigod is here, do you know!You weren’t our opponent Guo Shao before,Now you are not his food!You still have the face to see him?I bother!”
Xiao Zhu triumphantly pointed to his clothes:“did you see?Grandpa, I’m almost half god now,This dress is a symbol of demigod。”
The old turtle hurried forward with a smile:“How many masters are acquaintances!that’s great,You have time to relive the old。”
Xiao Zhu smiled:“Of course acquaintances,This acquaintance still missed my bad debts。”
Old turtle smiled:“What are the accounts between you??”
Xiao Zhu opened his mouth,Exposed gums of broken teeth,Three teeth were broken in that place!
Old Turtle was surprised,He immediately understood:“I don’t care what you have had before,Anyway, you can’t mess around on the sacred tree!If you disturb Lord Tree God, you will be unlucky。”
Xiao Zhu smiled:“Don’t worry, Master Gui,We are the ones who keep ourselves safe,I’m weird,Where did you find this hanging hair?Why is this rubbish hanging hair staying here??This rubbish only knows that Lazar was taken care of by a girl,Why are you raising him?Could it be that you have a hobby of raising pigs?,Haha!”

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