I’m very strange,This guy can be so humble,It’s really hard for him。

Watching him wipe hard,So I can’t help but sneer:“I knew you shouldn’t spit!”
Turning around and walking back to the room,Suddenly saw the living room door wide open in front of you,A violent wind swept in from outside,The curtains of the living room windows are undulating,I’m a little weird,I remember I didn’t go out so big?
Step into,Suddenly saw black shadows flickering and floating on the floor beside the round table,The shadow looks like a human silhouette!Suddenly think of that hider!
I remember he was beaten to death by the ice demigod before,Is he resurrected by the tree god?!
I was shocked,Why did this guy come in?Is it the elder’s instruction??
Nothing,I rushed up and hit the dark shadow with a punch,With a crash,Unexpectedly, that guy disappeared silently!
Quickly search around,Open Huidai’s bedroom door to take a look,The scene in front of me makes my creeps,The bedding in the bedroom is messy,The room is empty,Hyedai doesn’t know where to go?
I’m at a loss,Suddenly it occurred to me that the friction just now might have caused the tiger to leave the mountain!The hider must have touched in when I was in conflict with him and robbed Huidai!But what happened to the hider in the room?
Rush out the bedroom door,Unexpectedly, those guys are already standing on the elevator,The long-handed man waved at me with a nosebleed:“Don’t you find that saint!Our people just took her to the elder,Don’t get excited,This is what the elders mean!Anyone who breaks the rules will be punished!No one can be exceptional!”
Turn on the power of the Third Eye,I rushed over and grabbed him,Several other demigods are ready to move,At this time the elevator began to descend slowly,The long-handed man has a nosebleed to stop the demigods who want to do it,Then raised his head and smiled:“If I were you,I will obey the arrangement here,Maybe if you obedient elders will let the girl go!”
“Take me to see the elder!”
I can’t help but howl,I understand why Hydai is so scared,So the elder is waiting for me here!Actually use such a guy to play my Tiaohulishan!
Holding a donkey’s face,I followed several demigods to the temple,Drag him all the way into the hall of the temple,Two armored guards still stand at the entrance of the temple,But they turned a blind eye to me。The other demigods did not dare to follow us in,They can only stand eagerly at the door waiting。
The elders are still sitting on the black iron throne,Looking at me indifferently,On both sides of the temple are still stern and strange sickle men,Facing my anger,He is still calm:“Lei Zhang is right,I really caught the saint!She privately led the demigod to escape from the sacred tree,This has made a big mistake,I can’t forgive her!The gods will not forgive!”
I pushed the donkey face away:“I’m telling you the truth now!Hydai is not absconding,I forced her to go!If you blame her for this,Then come and punish me!”
The elder is still calm:“You are just our guest,Does not apply to our rules,Huidai is the saint of our god tree,She is a child of the sacred tree,Naturally accept the restraint and punishment of the sacred tree,You don’t have to suffer for others!Besides, this matter has nothing to do with you,You can’t control!You are not qualified!”
My anger broke out again:“Let her go!Otherwise I won’t play with you!And the tree god promised me,After this crisis, he will let Huidai and Tao Tao regain their freedom,What do you mean by doing this?”
My head is almost exploded with anger,I haven’t been so hysterical since entering the island。

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