The smell of blood on the corpse, although you handled it cleanly,But in my sense of smell, it is as pungent and obvious as perfume。

Same bathroom,It’s an unfriendly smell to mix blood and shower gel。”
“you…Who are you!!”Tomoshi Tanaka kept falling to the ground hearing Tang Ze’s words,Looking at Tang Ze with a monster expression。
“It’s just an ordinary criminal with a slightly sensitive nose。”Tang Ze smiled lightly:“There are too many people like me in the world,Every 20 million is still a lot?There is a guy with a strong sense of smell like me。”
What Tang Ze said is also to make a fuss about Officer Mumu and others,Just followed his long speech,Even Police Officer Megumi, Conan and others looked like they had seen a ghost。
“Followed around the house,After figuring out the surrounding environment,I almost understand the trick you arranged。”
After the explanation,Tang Ze spoke again and brought everyone’s attention back to the case,“You see Conan, they found the body,In order to avoid our investigation,You rushed to come up with a bold plan,So you can hide the corpse。
First cleaned the blood stains in the bathroom,Then put the bathrobe on the body,Let Brother Ling’s body be placed on the deck chair on the second floor,Pose for sleeping,And then waiting for our arrival。
same,You came out to greet us in a bathrobe,Directly disguised as your brother。
You two are twins after all,Except for the beard and glasses, there is basically no change in appearance,You can hide from the sky。
And then pretended to be impatient,Take the opportunity to get angry and go straight back to the room in the building,Then while we searched the house,You change your clothes and use the big tree in the back yard to climb over the high wall。
Although the embankment trail outside the high wall is only forty centimeters,But if people walk sideways against the wall, they are completely passable。
After escaping smoothly,You pretend that you just came back from the company,Back home again,Restore your brother’s identity。”
“So Tang Zejun,That TV suddenly turned off,And when the vase was broken, the fire was fake?”Officer Megome asked in surprise。

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