And then it’s the last afternoon。

They were once again taken into the underground base,Enter another room,Sit in rows,A glass of water in front of a person,A blue pill。
“Don’t ask,do not speak,Everyone ate the pills in front of you。This is the last pass of your training camp this time,And the last chance。Lie down quietly after taking the pills,do not think other,Experience the changes in the body,It’s up to you to awaken this time。”
Everyone ate the pills,And then under the leadership of the military,Go into small rooms and lie down。
Gan Yifan has also been tortured enough these days,He thinks Instructor Chen is targeting him。When buried,I buried it in a vacuum bag that blocked my breath for ten minutes,It’s really not something ordinary people can bear。
Then there is the steam of up to 90 degrees,Others steamed at 80 degrees for ten minutes,And he steamed for more than half an hour at a high temperature of 90 degrees,He’s not afraid of high temperatures,Can’t stand it,Normal people will be steamed to death。
Then there is the stress test,An enclosed space,Feel that one’s body weight has doubled,Other people are at most two of their own pressure for ten minutes,And he is three of his own pressure for thirty minutes。
Huoliao is not afraid,The needle hurts,Also used to tie the tender meat,He was staring at the female soldier who never admitted that she was Natsumi,I want to strangle her。
It turned out to be nothing,What awakening has nothing to do with him,He doubts whether there are mutation factors in his body。
The blue pill is the last chance,Till now,He also desires to awaken。however,After he took the blue pill,But nothing,It doesn’t feel like,If you are in trouble。
Then he fell asleep。
No one called him this time,He wakes up naturally,I opened my eyes and saw Xia Mei silently looking at him。
“Three people came from Ganning University,Haoheng’s first awakening,Xu Wan’s second awakening,How about you?Are you here on holiday?”Xia Mei didn’t hide her voice anymore,I hate iron but not steel。
“coach,I dont want this happened too,Instructor Chen said to calm down and experience,I just calm down to experience,But I can’t experience anything,Fell asleep unknowingly。”Gan Yifan is aggrieved。
“okay,I don’t want to say you,I just want to wait until the next chance,Don’t know when。”Xia Mei is worried for him。
“What about the rest?Is anyone awakened??”Gan Yifan asked curiously。
“Three people have awakened,The other three have not woken up yet,The specific number is unclear。”
“That said, five people have already awakened.?”Gan Yifan surprised。
“What do you think,Don’t fudge,follow me,I send you out。”

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