“Just!Master Ming, don’t you stand here well?!!”

“Master Ming,If you want to punish me for losing「Dugong Arrow」,Don’t have to say that!!”
The three people sing and play together,The impression that giving everyone a fate is to avenge the three of them for other purposes,At the same time trying to pull the wind direction to one’s advantage。
“If you say so, there is no way…”
The fateful little figure turned slowly with a cane,The old voice sounded slowly with a gloomy tone,“That you…Just wait for the curse of the mermaid…”
Talking,Ming Jian ignored the three changing faces,Started walking towards the house。
“Is this really good?You obviously committed a sin?”
Tang Ze walked slowly to the three of them and slowly said:“Since you all have seen the power of Master Ming Jian with your own eyes,Are you not afraid of being retaliated??”
“Humph!!Is it you guys!”
Hee Naoko looked at Tang Ze with a bad tone:“You want to investigate the arson case three years ago,Fated to cooperate with you to act and scare us,But a pity,I haven’t done it before,I will never admit it!!”
“Just!”Ebara Sumi also looked at Tang Ze in a bad tone and sneered.:“This method is too clumsy!”
When they heard Ming Jian introducing Tang Ze’s identity,I realized something was wrong,Human nature of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages,Let reason overwhelm the blind and superstition,Sober them up,I didn’t do it before。
But this,It was as early as Tang Ze expected。
If the threat of fate is really so useful,He is naturally happy,Can also save props。
But that is only a small probability after all,There is a high probability that the other party will still deny it like it is now。
and so,Tang Ze, who had already prepared, held it with his right hand【Lie】,Significantly walked to the kneeling Monkie Saori,Squat down slowly。
As if applying pressure,Tang Ze put his right hand on the opponent’s left shoulder,Then he leaned forward to the other side’s left ear and said something。
And after that,In the eyes of the other two people, Saori, the doorkeeper,Backwater!!
First263chapter Conan Heiji

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