”I do not know!“

Girl shook her head,She grabbed my hand suddenly,Sure eyes:”Mr. Zhao,You must remember what Huidai said!Be careful of the four gods!“
Finished saying this,The European girl hurriedly packed her food tray and walked out of the room,for safety,I dare not take out the bracelet to see。
I have to rescue my friends,Because time is running out,Tomorrow Wang Jun will force me to transform,There will be no chance to save them then!
Quietly squeeze the bracelet close to the elevator position,At this time the elevator is used more frequently,Many wild people ride up and down on ladders,But most people are not on my level,It is estimated that the restricted area is from the bottom floor。
Chu Hong still didn’t show up,Maybe she was moved to another floor,Looking at the densely stacked tree houses spiraling up and down,My head is a little dizzy。
Wang Jun is very cunning,He separated Lu Xiong and Wenru in custody,This will ensure safety,Actually, it is unnecessary for him to do this,After all, I am not familiar with this place at all,I can’t help it even if I close them in a room。
Looking at the elevator that buzzes from the sky,I feel very emotional,Although get the bracelet,But it is difficult to apply flexibly。Even if it can be applied, it is troublesome,There are at least hundreds of warriors on this sacred tree,What shall I fight with them?
Thought for a long time,Decided to do it at night!Have to try anyway!
No more girls coming up,I feel a little lost,But compared to running away,This feels nothing at all!
Sitting cross-legged at a round table with closed eyes,Waiting quietly for time to pass,About three hours later,There was a buzzing outside the balcony,Someone opened the door,It’s Wang Jun!
He walked into my room proudly,Then he sat on the floor with his cuffs,Had already sat down,But the guy took out a soft cloth and wiped the floor repeatedly,I can see that I’m embarrassed。
It was so easy for him to sit down:”Don’t worry, Brother Zhao,I’ve settled Hydai’s business,You can see her when you transform back tomorrow。“
I sneered,Pretending to be nonchalant:”I have a few more things to ask you。“

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