”Strictly speaking,A god like you should be considered a second god!Your supernatural power can be regarded as an alien among the new gods,Generally, the new god has only one divine power attribute,And even if there is a kind of divine power, you have to strengthen your cultivation base to evolve into a full divine.,You guy is the peak at the start!Can actually get two divine blessings,It’s really a blessing!“

Seeing the big guy is overwhelmed and ecstatic,I am also infected,I can’t help but ask:”Then you mean I should be happy now?“
”Of course!You don’t just have to be happy now,We have to sing!There are more than thousands of demigods transformed by the old man,But I’m the first to meet a demigod like you!I am so excited,Zhao Pu,You will be the head of the Seven Gods in the future!You can be the king and master of the island of gods!“
The big guy was so happy that his beard almost turned up,Excited for a long time,The big guy is narcissistic again,He knelt on the ground and began to pray,Squinting eyes into hallucinations:”A dear and respectable god!Although you let fate play a cruel joke on me,But gave me a precious gift from Xiao Zhao,I now understand your pains,You want to cultivate Xiao Zhao into the god of the gods!Rest assured,My Zhou family will live up to your expectations,I must cast him into the most powerful man ever!“
I was so dizzy by Zhou Dao’s flattery,Investigate to investigate,Unexpectedly, my divine power is actually two layers of ice and fire!I’m drunk too,And it’s not known whether the power of this club has a future,I think the boss is too happy,Based on past unlucky experience,I think such a good thing will not fall on me。
”Don’t be happy, boss,I haven’t met Shunxin since I arrived on this island,But also killed a lot of people,I don’t think this magical power of ice and fire can improve my destiny,in contrast,I suspect it will make more people suffer。“I can’t help pouring him a scoop of cold water。
The boss got up excitedly,Suddenly grabbed my arm,Scorching light from the pupils:“Xiao Zhao, you don’t understand,This is called Fuji Tailai!You have such supernatural power,This proves that you are not an ordinary person,According to the Eight Characters of Zhouyi,You are about to transfer!”
The boss was so excited that he was going around in place,He bowed his head and mumbled to himself for a long time,Suddenly thought of something:“correct,Since you already have the power of ice and fire,It should be no problem to deal with those eight iron corpses,No need for the Blade of God Fire,of course,You still need a good weapon,After all, you have to fight with those iron corpses,It’s not good without a good weapon!Ok,I will find a way,Not in a hurry,Now let’s learn how to divide and dispatch divine power,remember,This is the key to the power of ice and fire,If you get confused,This supernatural power will stagnate,Never develop。”
What does the gangster mean to that armored guard??Is there a dead person in that armor?
I threw this question to him,The boss laughed:“Actually I don’t know what they are,I just think they don’t eat or drink,No different from dead people,That’s why I gave them this nickname。”
Do not eat or drink?It looks a bit like a dead person,But the combat power of these guys really has nothing to say,The tragic scene of the gray fog demigod being split in half is still vivid,And the detail of the elder’s blasting his fingers to give orders is also unforgettable,My beloved girls died under those snapping fingers,Someday I will let him taste this kind of fear。
The boss asked me to sit on the ground,Then waved his palm on my neck,A warm current winds down the vest,Do not know why,My limbs are suddenly facing the warm current upward,They actually started to resist entanglement in the vest position,Like countless little snakes running around,I am a little scared,So quickly asked:”What do you mean??“
“Do not talk!I’m giving you quality!Your supernatural power is chaotic,Two forces of ice and fire,If you don’t classify,They will stagnate your divine development,You give me concentration now,Let go of your guard,Let my power into your body!”The boss’s voice is a bit urgent。
I quickly calm down,Let yourself open your defensive mind,At this time, the little snake in the vest started to relax,They are scattered all around,Seems to be evading the warm pursuit,That warm current gradually downwards,Began to stream to my limbs,Those little snakes have nowhere to go,So I came up again,So the two clash,Suddenly feel a heart-wrenching pain coming from the point of their conflict。
The pain is similar to the original taste,My cry shook the dark room humming,Densely small snakes are distributed on the limbs,They began to fiercely resist the warm current attack,The pain is getting more and more intense,I have a cold sweat all over my body,The intense pain makes the body tremble violently,My limbs started to twitch。
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Three Frost Power

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