As for escaping from prison,Since the prison was put into use,There is no one。

The Skynet of the prison seems to be defensive and one of the important reasons for the final death of entrepreneurs,Because of this tight defense,Make entrepreneurs have no heart。
Knowing that after probation,100% cannot be commuted。
Even if the sentence is commuted,Have to serve at least 20 years in prison,After serving the sentence and being released,Don’t say revenge,Maybe the enemy can’t be found。
The hopeless escape is the last straw that overwhelms his resignation,So it’s hopeless to survive in today’s punishment room,Desperately give up。
so,Want to escape this tight prison,Except for the sewer under the iron plate,No more possibility。
Unless someone vindicates Zhao Dabao、Exempt from punishment,But isn’t this a fantasy?
Zhao Dabao is thinking about everything,“咣”A loud noise,The small iron door of the punishment room was pulled open,The two big hands dragged him out like a dog。
The response is still very fast,The moment the iron gate was opened,Zhao Dabao’s unusually witty eyes“Fainted”past。
he knows,Present“faint”,To lay a solid foundation for a better life in the future。
At the moment when Zhao Dabao was dragged out of the punishment room,A surprised word rang,“Oh yo,This kid is still angry,trueTMCan stand。”
“Can stand up,Can stand,His life must be accounted for in this Qinling prison。no way,Someone is buying his life。Lao Zhang,Heard no,The kid’s life has been increased to 500,000,Hi,A bad life,Can be worth so much?”
“Li Ge,Do you really don’t know or fake don’t know,This kid’s affairs are very deep,Not ordinary,Our brothers still don’t sing along,Don’t get the money,Provoked。”
Lick your lips,Prison guard Li said with emotion:“Old Zhao,I know that,Although it’s a bit wicked in our business,But there are still counts in Old Li’s mind,What money should be collected,What money should not be collected,I know。Zhao Dabao’s life money,I really dare not accept it,Disdain,That’s damaging。”
“Not bad,Li Ge,What you think goes with me,This kid is miserable enough,Tell your brother to cheat,Now his brother is still paying for his life,Hi,This world,Become alsoTMToo fast。Forget it,Li Ge,Don’t talk about it。You said,This kid has survived the punishment,But his consciousness is dead。how?Let’s send him back to the cell?Or something?”
chapter Five Nutrient solution

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