Sun Yaru is in a smile.,Are attracting attention。

The same black golden evening dress is in Sun Yuru,Let Sun Yaru seem to be the Queen,Full of a touch of colorful。
The fork of the evening dress side,Until the waist,As the lotus foot is easy,The snowy jade leg is if it hidden,It is even more charm of the North Ocean.。
With Qin Su Ya, there is also a great idea of the beautiful face.。
The style between the eyes of the gods is even more likely to have a lot of people in the scene.。
The embellishment of the fire in the earlobe, let her black mysterious pacific amenities,But it is a charming。
With Sun Yaru’s debut,Amazing is quite quiet on a time field。
A black white,Beauty different,But it is beautiful, people are moving.。
And this moment,The unhappy temperament on fat Lincheng is also highlighted.。
Qin Xue also did not think of his own student will come,But at this time, she has not been too much attention.,Instead, take Li Hui to go forward.。
“Lin Parents Sun,Lin Tian gives a hundred years of people,Waiting for the Danfang。”
“Zhao Jiamei Sun,Zhao Wuyi gives a hundred years of Ganoderma lucidum,Night white jade cup pair。”
Hear the previous sound,Li Hui said suddenly。
He didn’t expect to give a gift and actually。
Qin Xue also didn’t think,She remembers that the grandfather has not had more than so many people.,There is no such link,But this year’s eighty life is indeed beyond her expectations.。
Not only more people,And it seems that many big families come.。
The front recorder saw that Qin Xue’s moment is also very respectful.。
“Miss,you”After that, I didn’t finish it.,Li Hui also took out the jade box and put it up.。
“This is the birthday of your family.,His position locking and Tianyu,A purebred mountain wildcut,As for my gift very simple,But no need to record,Because it will cause a sensation。”
I saw that Li Hui Feng stood with Qin Xue.,And Li Hui’s temperament is peaceful,But the eyes are giving a lot of pressure.。
The recorder is somewhat difficult to watch Qin Snow。
“Just follow him to say it.,This is my boyfriend, Li Hui,Today is preparing to give grandfather a surprise,I didn’t expect you to drink it here.,Really borus。”
Say,Qin Xue took Li with the wind and went in.。
And then the door sounded。
“Qin Parents granddaughter,Qin Xue lock Lincheng and Tian Yu,A purebred mountain wildcut。”
“Lee,Oral agreement。”
With this person’s drink in the door,Regardless of the people in the banquet or outside, the eyes are facing Li Hui Feng.。
Even if you have already prepared Lincheng,I didn’t have any gifts, I didn’t have any gifts.,Actually just oral agreements, I can’t help but laugh.。
He originally thought that Li Hui Feng was so big.,There should be some tricky。
But but didn’t think of actually or so no brain。
Now he suddenly discovered,This Li is better than his brother.,He really doesn’t understand how the high-spirited beauty like Qin Xue will look at Li Hui’s。
Qin Xue heard this way directly to go back to find that person.,But I was pulled by Li Hui’s light.。
“Hey-hey,Dear,Do not worry,Will not let you lose face,I have to make it so much.,Otherwise, I will not be so bold.。”
Feel the sudden affair of Li Hui Feng,Especially the hot air on the ear,Let Qin Xue can’t show a shame on the face。
After all, many people present are staring at them.,Li Hui’s relatives like this, naturally, it is also clear that the people of Qin family look clear.。
On the eyes of Linjia, the eyes of the people of Qin family showed an angry color.,Especially Lin Tian,See this scene,He has turned to Qin Xue’s love to hate。
“Lin Jia Lin City brings a girlfriend to send a pound of West Lake special dragon well.,Six oyster tablets a pound,What is one pound in a hundred years?。”

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