Fang Fang glared at Wang Wujin fiercely,Asked loudly:“What does it matter to you,Can’t we go out here“

“Of course not,I am responsible for the safety of this film,Go out to the mining area,Do you know the danger??Hurry back“Wang Wujin suddenly changed face,As if to pull Fang Fang。
Xia Jian on the side can no longer pretend,He stepped in front of Fang Fang,Suddenly laughed:“Oh, brother Wang,I don’t recognize my brothers,No wonder I can’t find you in Bucheon,So I came here to enjoy Qingfu“
“Who are you?“Wang Wujin’s face sank。
Xia Jian pulled Wang Wujin’s arm,Lowered his voice and said:“Buying fruits at the gate of Qingshui Garden”
Wang Wujin didn’t know he was acting,Still forgot,No reaction at all,Xia Jian added another sentence:“I’ll use a tricycle to pull over the floor tiles”
Wang Wujin suddenly hit his whole body,It took a long time to say:“Oh!It is you!This is a coincidence too!I can meet you wherever I go,It seems we are really fate,Talk about,What are you doing in this ghost place?”
“We just come out to play,Why did Brother 5 get here??”Xia Jian downplays,Get around the topic。
Wang Wujin took a breath and said:“Don’t talk about it,Brother is going to Maicheng,Which side of Bucheon is checking tight,It happened that my brother knew Mr. Yan here,So just come here to hide,Brother, don’t laugh”
“Where,You are here,Isn’t there a sixth brother??”Xia Jian figured it out,Pretending to be confused,Try to make your mouth as if you touched honey。
Sure enough,Wang Wujin smiled and said:“You mean Liujin!He is fine,Everything is pushed to my head,He paid a fine,And went back to work at Zheshang Building”Xia Jian did not expect,This buddy is really kind。
“Fifth brother,Mr. Meng of your company,Have some relatives with my friend,We come here to play,Think of looking back,I have to ask Brother 5 for help”Xia Jian’s eyes turned,Think about it。
Wang Wujin glanced at Fang Fang with a smile,Patted Xia Jian on the shoulder and said:“Girlfriend?Your kid is good!Soak up a girl in the city,I don’t have to sell this fruit,Blessing”Xia Jian smiled,Did not speak,Fang Fang on the side looked at Xia Jian embarrassedly。
“You have found the right place,There is no instruction from Mr. Yan at the front entrance,Non-staff can’t enter,I’m good at talking here,But be careful,Was seen,Don’t say I let you in。Hey!Guarding such a broken place every day,No oil or water”Wang Wujin said,A meaningful look at Fang Fang,This guy,I thought Xia Jian was just a fruit seller。
Xia Jian hurriedly winked at Fang Fang,Fang Fang was taken aback first,I immediately understood,Take out two ten yuan renminbi from the pocket,Bluntly said:“Buy two packs of cigarettes,Worked hard”
Wang Wujin took it,Hurriedly glanced around,And put it in the pocket。
This“Man-made wealth,Birds die for food”It seems not fake at all。

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