Woman’s heart is terrible,What’s more is a beautiful goddess?,Although Fu Raoya has never put Easta in the eyes,But Easta has always wanted to take Ferry.。

Beautiful words,Ishae is not Bifoya,She is now poor,Only children in the genus。
Fuffa is quite high because of the reason why the adventurers in the hand is,Isha is temporarily caught。
Because you can’t use God’s Eu Ri Li,The child in the genus is the capital of each other.。
So Ista has made this happy street,The child in the day is going to the underground city to improve the level,It can be relaxed and able to collect money here at night.。
Let alone recently Ista also found secret weapons,As long as the moon is coming,Her children can improve the strength。
I am afraid that I am afraid.“Fu Le Leada”,They are not not trying to have a battle。
People in Isar,I have been used to Ista this way of doing things.,Ista has not forced them.,It is better to say sexy and unfine Amazon,It doesn’t bother this kind of thing,Therefore, Eura Li is a famous happy street.。
Not only the adventurers who come here,Even the god is not a few。
And at this time,It can be described as moving back.,He said that he is lost here.,But people don’t seem to believe。
Think about it is normal,Happy Street is so loudly in Eula Lili,Still lost here?Who is this special?。
Ai Xia is more trendless night because of the first time,So shy at this moment,And they have more people,The other party is afraid that I can’t hold my own.……
“Little brother doesn’t need to be shy,See you so handsome,My sister also likes you.,I will pay for you a good thing.。”
Ai Xia said with a pink drug from the double peak,It doesn’t help but say to the night hand,Indicates this high level“Energy”,Generally only the high-end goods that those gods can be used!
“This is not a blue small pill!”I heard a woman’s blinking action,Night is speechless,Who is this special?!
Laozi is not,Do you want to know??Want to do it,But people seem to have no malicious,Just misunderstanding。
And recently, I just did a Pollo.,Herssea also makes themselves recently,Don’t cause other gods of uneasiness。
Chapter 731 Bell, which is chased in Happy Street
Apollo is destroy,It is because they deliberately accept Hussea.,And the reputation in Apollo is not very good.。
But just dispelled a Apollo.,They are always unsuitable to be ambiguous with others。
What’s more?,It is not a little bit compared to Apollo.,There is no hatred in both parties itself.。
However, when I was thinking about the girl named Ai Xia, when I was known as Ai Xia.,The surrounding street suddenly came to noise。
A large Biama’s battle,Once I was chasing a few people,One of the juvenile white hair is abnormal。
“Ai Sister,Just never came over there,Say someone is in a happy street,We must help the troublers in the past。”
A Amazon girl suddenly ran to Ai Xia reported,As a deputy head of the Wis Tower,Someone is troubleder, she must go to the process。
“Attempt,I was actually I didn’t know the so-called people.,So handsome little brother,I may want you to disappoint me tonight.。
Not too late,As long as you come over here,We will treat it.。”
Looking at the night’s face left a sultry smile,Then Ai Xia took everyone away.。
And the night jumps on the side of the roof,Looking at Bell et al.,Show a bitter laugh。
“I didn’t expect this time because Bell they were getting stripped.,However, they did what I’m angry.?”
Look at the circumstances already surrounded,Gradually put Bell to the road to block“Isar Tower”,Night knows that you can’t continue to watch.。
The Iva is also a first-class genus in Eulali.,Although I can’t afford Frea, the Rocky,But the adventure of the genus is not enemy,It is said thatLV5The presence,Bell’s strength can’t stop。
One of the nights,Constant quick jump on the roof,Soon, come to Bell’s location.。
Inside the floor,Single hand shot on the ground in front,Bell’s intersection before and after,There are two thick ice walls in an instant.。

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