Two explanations on the stage,Obviously it is very unexpected,Looking at the dream of squirting in the spring water center,The two can’t help but laugh at the same time.。

“This kind of killing method,Hahaha,Zhao Yi players are very unlucky.。”
The laughter of the doll does not cover up,Such interesting pictures is really rare in the professional stadium.。
“Yes,Feel the next few weeks,Zhao Yi players will become the frequencies on the highlights.。”
Miller wants to live their own smile,But the mouth is still can’t control.。
“This kind of killing,Sure too rare,In addition to some collection,I still saw it for the first time.。”
”Okay,can only say,Young players are not only working hard,They still have enough imagination。”
Slices the lens again as the broadcast,Most of the audiences have also seen the full picture of this wave of incredible killing.。
Start,Jack stands in red square redBUFFThe grass in the grass,Put your own big move against spring water。
And this time,Dream’s backhaul4arrive5Second time。
But unfortunately,This big one starts to ride,No blue squareEDEVision。
finally,When the first blue side people see this big trick,This big trick has arrived in front of the blue side of the highland door tower.。
Immediately,It is a picture of the dream being killed.。
Chapter 75 Desperate situation
game time24minute,Summer head ratio13:10,XiaolongEDETwo,IGYOne。
This is still the palace clearing,The first face is such anxiety,And the faintness is the situation of disadvantages。
30Second,Dream is turning again,Liszuasuo, who has not been evacuated in the future。
this time,Zhao Yi can be a preparation,No chance to enlarge his return time。
But the palace clearing at this time,Not here.。
Palace Qingwen’s stay,At this time, Yang is put on the keyboard,It’s slightly shaking。
Some surprised,He looked at a face with someone and exhausted.,The forehead also floated on a fine sweat on the forehead.。
Take Yang Shu’s shoulder,Palace clear:“It’s fine,this is not your fault,There is no way to catch up with each other.。”
Yang Shu lips have a little white,Turn out to the palace clear。
Palace clear,Transfer your sight back to your screen,He can’t do more again.,The rest of the thing is Yang Shu, I have solved myself.。
game time27minute,Accounts for an advantageEDEPretend to start Dalong。
whenIGYVisionary transformation,Into the dragon pitEDEThree people,They have to rush to the Dragon。
BeIGYThe five people rushed to the dragon, the river.,With a cold and evil,Their screen is again covered by the dark。
Dream,Qing Jin Ying keeps him in the first time。
Because I am afraid that the other party’s auxiliary dawn opens a perfect group,So I at this time, I at this time.,Is only auxiliary Luo。
It is because,When Zhang An’s Luo was killed by Qingji and Dream,The harm of the palace clear is still not enough to support anyone who kills his face.。
Some helplessly put a chewfire hand in front of the two people.,Jinde retreats from a distance。
And the situation in the battlefield,Then after the green steel shadow and the dream,Rapid backwardEDE。
finally,Saien and the horse horse were killed,Rainso fled the battlefield。
As a result,EDEI have completed a wave directly.0Change3Group battle。
althoughEDEMost of the blood volume is not very healthy.,But a Liszano and a Jinde,Obviously it is not enough to threaten them.。
At leastEDEPeople think so,So,They opened Dalong。
IGYInner voice。

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