She is simple to wash it.,Then change it togetherOLDelivery begins to eat。

“breeze,When are we going to the manor?。”
“Hey-hey,Nature is waiting for the sister, you have finished eating breakfast.,And this matter is no need to worry,After all, I can’t eat hot tofu.,Although I will give it out, I have to vote for 15 billion,But if the location is not good,Or some places unqualified,I won’t go to cast.,Just give him a little confidence,Then help let us find a good location.。”
After listening to Li Hui Feng,Xu Ru is charming and charming Li Hui’s eyes:“I didn’t expect you to learn more and more now.,But my sister likes you so smart.。”
“Hey-hey,Sister,I have been very smart, I have been very smart.?
Otherwise, you won’t get your favor.。”
“alright, alright,I finished eating.,Let’s go。”
Say,Xu Ruzhen is also wearing high heels,I went out with Li Hui.。
Just walk to the hotel door,Xu Ruzhen and Li Hui have encountered Jiang Shuyan.。
They also didn’t think Jiang Shuyan can find it here.,To know that their residence is confidential,It is the hotel.。
“Whee,It seems that it is better to have a clever.,Xu sister,Lee brother,I am not very punishment.?”
“Ginger sister,I am very curious, how do you find us here??
We have been confidential,And I will send you back last night.,You seem to have some magical power.,I feel that we don’t have to use the Li Mei.,As long as you make a strong help,Can be crushed with each other。”
Jiang Shuyan looked at a smile.,But I know that Li Hui’s heart has some mustard to find a place.。
“It’s okay.,I am not so popular.,But in the morning, I called the sister’s family.,Know you stay here,look,I have brought you a master.。”
One heard this,Li Hui Feng and the heart of Ru Ru are all loose.。
After all, no one wants to be stared at all times.,Just did they did not expect their families to be so unreliable,Their geographic location gives people。
“Ok,Still long, you are very powerful,This can ask。”
Jiang Shuyan heard that Li Hui Feng boasting his beauty is very happy.。
But she is a turn of the eye.,Laugh:“Lee brother,You boast me so much,Do you want to eat vinegar??”
“Hey-hey,Will not,Because this is not beautiful, it can be described.,That is the goddess in my heart.,Fairy,Fairy understand??”
Xu Ruzhen was so boast with Li Hui,Originally, there is still a little taste.,I can’t help but laugh immediately.。
“screw you,Poverty,Hurry to do business。”
“Forehead,Good,Sister,I am thinking that we are going to find Golden Big Brother to buy a property, and let you go back to your family with you.,After all, this matter is reasonable.,What do you do if you do your own thing?。”
Chapter 547 Xujia
Xu Ruzhen is also a glimpse,She is forgot this.。
“I feel that Xu sister should go back to the family first.,After all, you have participated in the family yesterday.,And the driver’s master seems to pick you up.。”
“Ok,Then let’s go back to the family first.,Some things I have also responded on the front.,Otherwise, they really have to take me into a trading.。”
When I said this,Xu Ruzhen also broke out a powerful gas field。
This scene makes Jiang Shuyan,She didn’t expect Xu Ruzhen and there was such a side.。
Take Li with the wind, no feeling,What he want to do is that the old man is accompanied by the opposite side.。
“Hey-hey,Then I will take a sister.,Whoever dares to bully today?,My fist is absolutely not light。”
Jiang Shuyan listens to this,Originally, she wants to go to Jin Mingwu first.,But immediately change my idea,She is the most like to watch it.。
Especially Yesterday, Li Hui rescued her scene.,Last night, her mind was a clean and unfortunate way of Li Hui Feng.,Finally, it is directly a scrapped two black people.,She now thinks very well。

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