Playing yourself a group of officials,Need to be so lucky,Then“Ten blade”They once returned,Killing these dead gods is not a chopping?

Just in the Japanese Facial Valley Winshi and the breakfast,One is also late with your own protagonist。
Don’t ask why he is late.,Because he is different from other guys,Go out so late,I have to find an excuse to deal with trouble.。
“Escort,This enemy is very strong,According to the spiritual pressure of the corpse,Even appeared『Ten blade』Level presence。”
Luci Saiya is holding a mobile phone with a mobile phone in his hand.,Some faces have a little dignified。
“Ten blade??But this time I will not be like last time.!”
Previously Urchiola and Dental have also come to the world,And I have been in touch with the Kurosaki.。
Although both parties but did not launch a fierce battle,Night, I have arrived at Pu Zauda.。
But Ulci Oraki hand blocks the scene of the moon to teeth,I still surprised the estee of the time.。
Being able to catch him after you“月 天 天”Man,Tonakyaki has a total of two,One is Ulcheora,The other is a monster average night.。
Speaking of the night,Tie Ji, a protective look, curious,He only inquired to Dafu in the past,The spiritual pressure of the night does not seem to?
“Well classmates,Night mix……,Is that guy did not come??Does he are also a squad of the world??”
Although Iakasaki, I have been prepared to pay attention to it.,But here is the empty seat,Not a corpse,So I feel that there is still a strong aid.。
“Night brother,People have come to six,We have so many people together,It’s really too bullying.。
And he is coming.,I can’t share my opponent,So he will not come together.,If the situation is wrong,He will rush to support。”
Weavier recalls what to say before night,The word is not bad.。
And the Kurosaki, a protective and Lucia, etc.,Will also work with breakfast,I really don’t play people.,Waiting for him to come over, the lily is cold.。
If you think about it carefully,In the corpse, I met the four captains, the captain is not a normal person.,Obviously a medical captain,But watching others laughing and simply。
in short,The guy of these famous flowers,Can’t provoke one。
Considering that the origin of the rising, the Ji Tie Tiger is not flying,So a protects them are running all the way。
And when I arrived when they arrived,Just, the advance team of the corpse sector was suppressed as a group of people.。
Deathfulness of death,They also have a knife,According to the previous operation,Death is not liberated before the knife,Is it true that it is unreasonable。
But after liberating the knife,Relying on skyrocketing the ability to follow,Can hang the ease,But now the situation is different.。
They can『Begin』,People can be broken『Blade』what,In addition to everyone who has the ability to have a knife,Over-face will also be vibrant and regenerated,This advantage is not a little bit.……
Kurosaki enjoys,Germyo, who has been watching, gave up the intestinence of continuing to watch the rookie,There is no need to fight the way of fighting God.,I haven’t bother to hunt food in the future.。
And there is a top-level power level,Even liberation,The level is actually almost the same as the general breakfast.。
“Crescent——Tian Chong!”
Did you see Greemjo in the air,Protect according to practice,Tall raised killing pig in hand,A blue cumper,Give each other。
He must not admit that this is sneak attack,I can only blame the other party to see the show.,And he is just a habit.……
no way,Seeing the virtual waves and kill the pig knife,This is a professional habit。

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